February 26, 2021

Fortinet Launches Global Threat Intelligence Service

Fortinet, the global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announced a new threat intelligence service that arms Cybersecurityleaders with cyber situational awarenesshighlighting the latest threat trends and cyber risks facing their organizations. Fortinet’s FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Service (TIS) enablesCISOs to stay ahead of the global threat landscape and proactively defend their enterprises against rapidly evolving threats.
•FortiGuard TIS is a cloud-basedthreat intelligence platform that provides threat metrics and activity trends,enablingCISOs to instantly understand what is happening across the global threat landscape.
•FortiGuard TIS leverages Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs leading threat intelligence research. FortiGuard Labs consists of more than 200 expert researchers analyzing data collected from more than three million sensors around the globe.
Global and Industry Threat Intelligence at a CISO’s Fingertips
A recent Forrester surveyof 342 security leaders found that the CISOs’ largest cybersecurity challenge is adapting to “the rapidly evolving nature of cyber threats.” The report recommends that CISOs gather good threat intelligence that provides insight into attacker methods and indicators of compromise, noting that 78% of CISOs that have adopted a threat intelligence platform haven’t experienced a breach. It’s clear that CISOs who properly leverage threat intelligence combined with a technology-driven security strategy are better prepared to successfully defend their organizations.
FortiGuard TIS is specifically designed to provide the threat intelligence needed for CISOs to stay on top of the latest threat trends so they can effectively communicate cybersecurity risks to the C-Suite and board whilealso enabling more efficient management of Security Operations to maximize resources and proactively defend against trending threats.
•Global threat landscape activity is prioritized so that CISOs can instantlyunderstand which type of cyber threat is on the rise. This easy to understand data can be communicated to the wider organization and also enables security leaders to more effectively task their security operations teams.
•Kill Chain reporting provides additional details on theunique and specific threat trends currently impacting their industry and the globe. Security leaders can see the most active applications, intrusion prevention signatures, malware and botnets on an industry-by-industry basis and easily compare these trends within their industry, by company size, by geographic location and with the overall landscape.
•CISOs can drill down further into specific threat details to identify its activity trends, prevalence and ranking. Integration with the FortiGuard Encyclopedia provides enhanced threat descriptions that includes details of the origin, behaviors and remediation steps.
•Individual application vulnerabilities and malware can also feature additional notes created by FortiGuard Labs threat researchers that provide timely insights into campaign-specific or emerging threats. Expanded commentary is often featured in periodic Fortinet blogs, quarterly FortiGuard Threat Landscape Reports, and weekly Forti Guard Threat Intelligence Briefs.