January 26, 2021

Former Google Employees Develop An App To Allow People To Transmit Voice-Messages!

Some ex-Google employees have come up with an innovative app to steadfast the communication system while allowing the users to record and transmit brief voice messages lasting not more than 12 seconds. Former Google employees Thomas Gayno and Jeff Baxter termed the app as Cord. It is already available on Apple’s App Store and will shortly be made available for Android users as well.

images (1) The application will allow  the users to send voice  messages to one or  several people at the same  time with just a single  click, without any need of  text or number to  transmit. User will have to simply tap on the face of visible contact placed in a circle to listen or respond to the message.

Gayno believes that people have started relying more over SMS, email or instant messaging to communicate, they have developed this app with a vision of bringing back the trend of speaking with each other again instead of just texting. He believes that the voice message technology will grow very quickly, considering that the use of characters over the keyboard will become rather difficult.

Cord Project had raised the fund of over $1.8 million by June with some of their reliable investors including Google Ventures, Kenneth Lerer, a co-founder of the Huffington Post, and ex- Google experienced person David Hirsch.

Rich Miner, Google Ventures general partner told AFP, “More often than not, a simple 10-15 second voice message can get the point, tone and emotion across faster and more efficiently than any other communications method.

Even though the analysts have an open question that whether or not the Cord app will be able to survive well in the marketplace, considering the similar voice-message services provided by WhatsApp and Facebook, but Roger Kay Endpoint Technologies Associates firmly believes that there is always scope for niche products to do well.