Flipkart To Launch Own Tablets?


E-commerce giant Flipkart is reportedly going to launch tablets under its brand known as DigiFlip. According to reports, the premier e-commerce website in India, is currently working on a range of tablets to be launched in the market soon. The brand was originally started as an electronics accessory label by Flipkart, back in 2012.

The number of products under the brand has been increasing steadily, but tablets will be its biggest addition till date. Currently, the Flipkart website mentions that there are over 300 products that are available under the DigiFlip brand. A report by The Economic Times said that the tablet will be launched under the label soon and is most likely going to be sourced from overseas vendors.

The decision to enter the tablet market though is rather perplexing, as the segment has been witnessing a decline in sales recently. Reports said that only 0.78 million tablets have been shipped in India in the first quarter of this financial year. However, this also means that the right pricing and specifications could lead to a highly profitable product for Flipkart.

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