March 6, 2021

First in the World 4K Video Supporting HDMI Dongle

Just before Chinese New year holidays start and all electronics factories in China close for almost a month, Krasal Group Ltd presented the first in the world HDMI dongle supporting 4K x 2K Ultra High Definition video.UHD-2013

HDMI dongle is based on the newest quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean system. Quad-core CPU allows processing Ultra High Definition 4K x 2K video streams, Blu-Ray 3D, being perfectly compatible for playing Internet streaming media and full-format audio/video content.

Moreover, gamers should also be interested in this release, since the new HDMI dongle from Krasal now allows playing the most resource consuming 3D Android games on displays with the highest resolution.

“4K video, or how it is now officially called, Ultra HD, is beginning to be implemented into the home theater environment via both a growing number of home theater receivers that have either 4K pass-through and/or 4K video upscaling capability, as well as some 3D-TVs and 3D video projectors,” said Mr. Jonathan Still, CEO of Krasal Group. “However, the choice of players which can provide such high bandwidth signal is rather limited. That’s why we at our R&D Lab designed a new digital device, in a form of HDMI dongle, to be connected directly to TVs to allow users watching Ultra HD content at home. Several international electronics companies, as well as some telecom providers, already have shown great interest in our new technology. So I am sure, customers will see this product on stores’ shelves quite soon.”