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Firefox OS Will Power New Panasonic UHD TVs Unveiled At CES

Panasonic’s Smart Tvs are going to be running of Mozilla’s Firefox firefoxOS. Although, Firefox has never come close in competition to iOS or Android, it has seen lukewarm success in the smartphone market. Until December 2015, when it decided to stop developing Firefox OS for smartphones.

However, concernes regarding its success in running on other platforms have come to bay with Panasonic’s announcement of a new Smart TV, the DX900. The new smart TV will run on Firefox OS. The company has been using Firefox OS since 2014. The product is going to come with newer features which were not present in earlier versions.

This move shows that Mozilla is going on to look for ways to get revenue via its operating system. It also acts as a reminder that Firefox OS is still a contender in the smart device market.