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Fintechs making debit and credit cards redundant in India

Though debit and credit cards were the first innovations to apprise us of digital payment, fintechs became the game changer and disrupted the banking industry. The impact has been to the extent that we only use our bank accounts to receive our salary and then spend through these fintech that enable us to make and receive payment in real time. Let us have a look at some of the fintechs that have made the credit and debit cards redundant as we changed the way of making payments.

It is a name that probably introduced Indian consumers to fast and secure UPI payments, so much so that it became synonymous with cashless transactions. As the epitome of online payments, it enables transactions that are instant and is the most popular mode of payment that is acceptable with every vendor. You will find a grocery vendor, a shop owner, an auto driver and even you favourite restaurant that can accept payment through Paytm. You will not need to carry your credit or debit card anymore as the mobile can be used to make payments anywhere, everywhere.

One of the most distinctive features of this payment service provider is the ability to set up recurring payments that can be automatically deducted weekly, bimonthly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. When compared to more conventional modes of payment, the payment executed the same day is a guaranteed B2B recurring auto-debit option and has a significantly greater success rate. Additionally, it makes timely payment possible, which prevents the imposition of late fees. It guarantees prompt payments without the need for human intervention by providing a number of payment options like ACH, UPI, and other digital formats like WhatsApp, link push, and directly through the site making the need for a card redundant. It has direct interface with at least six banks. Hence, you can forget your cards for all sorts of recurring payments with Paycorp.

It allows for the payment of bills, streamlines transactions, and offers fast loans to users all in one location. It is a safe and secure gateway for e-commerce and enables payment through Airtel Money, Ola Money, Mobikwik, net banking, UPI and also credit or debit card if need be. It allows transactions between customers and business owners as well as between staff and vendors. As it is frequently the initial step in starting an e-business, it establishes the strong and secure basis for a prosperous online endeavour.

This recent fintech start-up, which operates on a subscription-based business model, makes money by charging annual fees to banks, neo banks, digital lenders, and various financial or non-banking finance organisations. The credit business is managed and scaled by it thanks to NLP, Deep Learning, and Predictive Analytics. It is popular in India as a mode to getting instant loans and alsohas presence in regions like North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Mswipe provides small and medium-sized businesses with quick and simple access to loans. It is the renowned name for stress-free financing, helping even the smallest of vendors, whether they are retail store owners, vegetable sellers, or paper manufacturers. It offers streamlined mobile POS solutions to business owners around the nation because the digital environment makes it genuinely achievable. Again, there is no need for credit or debit cards here.

Zest Money
Materialistic and expensive things may have been frowned upon at some point of time but today youngsters prefer to live life lavishly and splurge on their needs and desires. But most of us have a limited salary. Zest Money helps to pay back in 3-4 easy instalments, that too with zero interest, no processing fee and no hidden charge. The quick approvals make sure that you don’t have to think for a long time before buying. Having more than 85000 online and offline store partners, you can shop to your heart’s content. Thus, it has emerged as a popular alternative to credit cards.

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