FiberTek Adds Precise Temperature Measuring Fiber Optic Cable To Its Product Groups

FIbertek_INCFiberTek is pleased to announce new addition to its product groups – the distributed temperature sensing fiber optic cable which will enable precise temperature measurements to be taken.

The distributed temperature sensing fiber optic cable offers the added benefit of providing precise measurements when it is being used in conjunction with distributed temperature measurement equipment. It acts as the linear sensor and enables temperature to be taken along it. It allows temperature measurements to be measured over long distance with high precision of less than one degree Celsius. It can be used in areas where precise temperature monitoring are required and also in areas where accessibilities to take temperatures are limited such as the tunnels, mines, bridges and rivers.

The main features of the distributed temperature sensing fiber optic cable are summarized as below:-

  • Suitable to be used in harsh environments
  • Long distance coverage (continuous temperature measurements)
  • Ease of installation
  • Provide wide operating temperature ranges to as high as 300 degree Celsius (Note: ASI (Singlemode fiber) & AGI (Multimode fiber) are used)