FiberStore Introduces The FS-600A-V 400x Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System

fiberstoreFiberStore introduces the family of FS-600A-V 400x Fiber optic connector inspection solutions that provide network personnel with a super easy solution for analysis and documentation of fiber connector cleanliness and integrity. Thus completely eliminating the subjective aspect of fiber inspection. Benefit from the best optical resolution in the industry and see scratches and dirt particles as small as 1 um, the FS-600A-V 400x fiber inspection probe makes checking connectors and other fiber terminations for Polish quality and cleanliness has never been easier.

As network vendors pursue higher data rates associated with the substantial growth in data traffic, the demand for exceptional performance of network systems is becoming more and more crucial,” explained Pollitt Walrich, marketing director for FiberStore’s test equipment division. “Simply stated. It is imperative that fibers are clean and free from defect. FiberStore’s Inspection Fiber Probe and Display system delivers a solution that supports these demanding requirements.

The FS-600A-V 400x fiber inspection system integrated fiber inspection solutions provide network personnel with the capacity to document fiber connector cleanliness. FS-600A-V 400x combine a fiber prober viewer, a high-resolution video inspection probe and FiberStore SimpleView plus inspection software to provide the inspection and analysis power of current laptop and probe solutions and the ergonomics, ease of use, ruggedness and ownership costs of basic “live only” views.

FS-600A-V 400x’s high resolution video inspection probe is equipped with a focusing knob and an image capture button. An extensive assortment of adapter tips allows it to be used with all types of fiber connector ferrules and bulkhead connectors. Bulkhead tips are available in multiple lengths as well as straight or 60º angle configurations. Connector adapters are compatible with 1.25mm and 2.5mm angle-polished and ultra polished connectors (PC/UPC, APC) as well as MTP/MPO connectors.

FiberStore FS-600A-V 400x Fiber inspection systems are packaged in a protective hard carry case that keeps all vital inspection and cleaning tools close at hand and ready to go to work.

source: efy-time