March 2, 2021

F&D unveils new 5.1 Home Theatre Speakers

imagesF&D has been at the forefront of treating entertainment lovers to a fantastic audio experience. This season, with the introduction of F3000F, 5.1 home theatre system, things are looking even more exciting for movie buffs.

This latest speaker system, which includes five surround speakers and a sub-woofer housed in a classic wooden cabinet, promises to make your living room the live setting of your ongoing film. The surround speakers are artistically carved mini powerhouses (bearing a heavy style metal grill with ripple design) while the sub-woofer is a 5.25 inch bass driver beast. Grab the fluorescent fully functional remote control and experience the powerful effect of 5500W PMPO sound.f&d29-4-13

Although the system provides a stunning cinematic experience, it is tailored for musical journeys too, as the speakers are equipped with digital FM and more importantly a USB port and SD card reader. And to add to the user friendliness are full function control buttons on the front panel of the sub-woofer.

Rajesh Bansal, Director of the company says, “We’re confident of this new home theatre system allowing the listener to relish every aspect of sound. Bass, treble and the vocals can be customised as per ones need and liking. Let’s just say F3000F is another result of our constant improvements on sound and design.”