Father’s Day special Portable 5W Bluetooth Speaker with FM from AXL World

“A Father is a child’s first hero and first true love.” True isn’t it? Wondering what gift your dad would love the most?.On this Father’s Day, gift your father one of AXL’s New and truly portable Bluetooth speakers that will encourage and rejuvenate every father’s mood and memories, make them smile and remind them of the countless days spent with music that will bring you and your loved ones strong feelings of happy and joyful memories. 

What’s special about ABT-JP101 Portable 5W Bluetooth Speaker with FM from AXL World ?

This Bluetooth speaker is user friendly,  that makes it portable & allows the user to enjoy music freely without any hassles for longer hours.

It comes with a Powerful 5W Built-in voltage to produce powerful Sound & Beats for all kinds of music not forgetting your dad’s favourite 80’s pop hits. 

This Bluetooth Speaker has 4 In-line control buttons that allow calls & music control for a hassle-free & hands-free experience

This Bluetooth Speaker has Seamless Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 & is compatible with all Smartphone, Laptop & Tablets

It also comes in various colours. Why hesitate? Gift your dad his favourite colour with a bucket full of happy memories.

The most priceless quality about these speakers is that they come with inbuilt FM that will take your fathers to the days they used to spend their moments with laughter and smiles.

AXL’s  ABT-JP101 Portable 5W Bluetooth Speaker is available at Just Rs 799. Available on Amazon and on AXL World Website.

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