Facebook’s Live Audio Room feature in competition with Clubhouse rolled out today in US

Facebook Live Audio

Source: Facebook

Facebook is also intruding a feature like Clubhouse, certain groups in the Facebook app can host room for live audio chat. Up to 50 people can speak at once if allowed, and rest can tune in to listen. Well there’s no limit on this that how many people can join the live audio room, so bring in as many as you want.

Features like live captions, notification when someone joins, “raise a hand” to tune into the conversation, and certain reactions to interact throughout the chat. Other competitors like Twitter Spaces also supports live caption but Clubhouse still doesn’t.

Facebook live audio
Source: Facebook

Well in respect to groups in Facebook, admins can control who will be allowed to create rooms, manage the things accordingly. Private Groups can host a live audio room with just their members and can have a private discussions.

And in public group chats, anyone can tune in. These kind of group chats are also beneficial fo hosting fundraisers, with a button available to Donate on the instant. This feature could be a direct hit to clubhouse rooms as clubhouse creators had to redirect the donations to a separate link for the same.

Facebook still hopes to bring in loads audience, as a lot of people are already connected to the Facebook app and providing a feature right into the app as an add-on is better on the feasibility side.

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