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Facebook Dismantled the Fake Russian Accounts

Facebook has said that the accounts made by the users were connected to Russian intelligence. People are linked to a company that is trying to sway away from the elections.

Facebook revealed that the social media platform has pulled apart 3 links of fake accounts. Those fake accounts are considered to be used by Russia’s intelligence services. The reason for this action is to leak the hacked documents and interrupt the forthcoming United States election.

The company has also said that the people working for the Russian intelligence services are related to a St. Petersburg-based organization. It is suspected by the officials of the United States.


The foreign ministry of Russia has not responded yet to the request being made for a comment in this matter. But the country has denied all the allegations for meddling in the election affairs.

The company’s head of cybersecurity policy has said that no immediate evidence has been found but by appending the accounts, Facebook has ignited hopes amongst American citizens that no one can come and destroy every citizen’s right.

Facebook’s team has worked on all sides and is aware of a hack-and-leak operation that is going to happen in the coming 6-8 weeks. Also, they have made sure that all the accounts have been presented to enable any kind of operation during the United States election.

Facebook has aforementioned about the networks being small and a photo-sharing service that is operated by Instagram. The accounts had followers of around 97000.

The networks are primarily focused on countries surrounding the middle east but the effects can be seen in the UK and the US.

Twitter has given an option to Facebook, that the company should and identify and then remove 350 accounts which are operated by Russian organizations.

Countries like Russia, China, and Iran have been caught trying to spy on people who are working with both, the current US President and per the former vice-president of the United States.

In recent research by Facebook and Graham Brookie, Russia has tried a lot to induce political tensions amongst the people of the United States.