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Facebook Celebrates 10th Birthday with Personalised ‘Look Back’ Videos

Marking its 10th birthday, social networking site Facebook reportedly provided its loyal users with a personalised video summary of their life so far on the site.

The ‘Look Back’ compilation contains around 15 of a user’s most-likes photos, statuses, and life events set to a catchy tune.

According to The Verge, a small team at Facebook spent the last few months crafting the videos and ensuring that they had necessary resources to render hundreds of millions of HD videos and send them out to users in their notifications center.

Although, Facebook has issued ‘Year In Review’ compilations before, it is the first time the company ventured into providing the same in video form.

Facebook’s engineering lead on the project, Nick Kwiatek said that Look Back is one of the company’s largest video projects of all time, adding that rendering videos for as many people as they can was one of the things that motivated them.

The report said that each of the roughly one minute video has CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s signature at the bottom.facebook 10 years

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