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Facebook Business Suite, making online retail easier for small businesses

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Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook announced on Thursday, the new app and desktop interface named Facebook Business Suite in order to make life easier for businesses-targeting SMBs specifically. With the ongoing pandemic, businesses have seen lesser and lesser customers walking into their stores each day. With an ever growing competition in the market, a good social media presence is essential to sell products online. With options like Facebook Shops, the social media “big guy” has already lent a hand to small businesses which were hit hard due to the pandemic.

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The app will allow businesses to access Facebook and Instagram from a single system. It shall give them the freedom to post simultaneously on the two social media platforms, view comments, get insights about engagement from the audience and allows management of ads. It also merges messaging options from the two platforms. While WhatsApp has not been included yet, Facebook will probably bring it in next year.

Facebook has stated that as of now, the app has been created targeting Small Businesses that need to reach to their customers and sell online. However, in the long run, they do plan on making this an app for businesses of all sizes. Facebook also released two surveys alongside the announcement of the new app in order to show small businesses that an online outreach is essential for survival during the pandemic and in the post-Covid scenario. These surveys can be accessed from links at the end of the article. Needless to say, it has been a step forward to help the businesses facing an existential-crisis right now. Hopefully, this will take forward the SMBs towards a more stable condition.


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