January 23, 2021

F-Secure In Talks With States To Secure WiFi Hotspots

Finnish firm F-Secure today said it is in discussions with state governments, including Delhi, on the role that it can play in offering secured WiFi access across hotspots located in various cities

F-Secure, is looking to work with the Delhi Government and other state free_wifi_xUBEGgovernments for its solution. “Offering free Wi-Fi should not be the only objective of the Delhi government, even the end point security plays a major role. As free or public Wi-Fi is not fully secured, Government should look into secured Wi-Fi services and we see there is a big opportunity for brand like F-secure. Soon we will be talking to the Delhi government and offer unique business model for jointly working on this project. We want to go to every Delhi citizen and give free wi-fi protection for four months, post that it will be revenue sharing model,” informed Amit Nath, County Manager, India & Saarc, F-Secure.

AAP MLA Adarsh Shastri had said that the project would cost Rs. 250 crore as they have envisaged it. The manifesto says the party has already done a feasibility study on consultation with Internet companies.

As Delhi has close to 20 million population, if the company would reach out to 5 million, it sees, it should be a roughly $20 million opportunity for F-secure. However, the company sees, several security companies will be betting big for this big buck opportunity. The only hurdle, F-Secure sees is converting this free security services into revenue stream model.

F-Secure in its latest “The state of Internet in India” report affirmed that the rise of malware in the county and states Delhi as the most infected city in 2014. The company expects with service like free Wi-Fi coming into the fold, it will make users vulnerable and increase the malware threats.

The report highlighted Sality, Ramnit, Torgan and Virtob are the top 5 malicious family detectors, and Delhi(20%), Hyderabad(9%), Chennai(9%), and Chandigarh(7%) were the top malicious cities in 2014.

The company wants to grow the installed base of its Freedome security solutions for the end users. Next month, it will be launching its Freedome security solutions for the businesses.