Experiential Learning based Upskilling Platform Skillslash enabled digital transformation for over 35,000 professionals since its inception

Skillslash, a company that drives digital transformation through AI-based online learning, has successfully enabled the digital transformation of over 35,000 learners in the core technology sector. Through its diverse courses like Data Science and AI Learning, Blockchain, Software Development, Cloud Certification, etc., Skillslash offers training, real work experience, and a 100% employment guarantee to its learners.

Established in 2021 by Rahul Kashyap, Skillslash has achieved milestone success working with large organisations like Theorax Dynamics, Neurodynamic.AI, Caspian, and TrakIntelligence. With companies increasingly investing in upskilling their employees, Skillslash is helping individual professionals nurture their skills that will shape the workforce of the future.

Mr. Rahul Kashyap, Co-founder, Skillslash
Mr. Rahul Kashyap, Co-founder, Skillslash

Commenting on the same, Mr. Rahul Kashyap, Co-founder, Skillslash stated, “We are glad to have helped numerous employees since last year with our advanced e-learning solutions. We are certain to drive operational excellence for many more working professionals in the future with our unique capabilities. In a bid to do so, we will continue to innovate and invest heavily in cutting-edge technologies to help employees stay ahead of the digital curve.”

The company’s mission is to empower its clients through advanced digital learning and performance support solutions for enhanced employee performance and customer engagement.

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