EverestIMS showcases the Infraon Product Suite at DTA 2019 – Malaysia; Helps Telcos and BFSI sector in Digital Transformation

EverestIMS Adopted 'Zero Trust' Strategy by Deploying a Cutting-edge Remote Access, Authorization and Security System

EverestIMS Adopted 'Zero Trust' Strategy by Deploying a Cutting-edge Remote Access, Authorization and Security System

EverestIMS Technologies Pvt Ltd (Everest), an Indian product company with a rich market experience in the I&O and Digital Transformation space, recently participated in TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Asia (DTA) 2019 held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. EverestIMS showcased its ‘Infraon Product Suite’ and shared crucial insights on how it helps Telcos and BFS industry in digital transformation.

DTA 2019, one of the leading APAC events for digital transformation, is organised to examine the fundamental building blocks of a successful ‘digital partner’ telco business for the 2020s. The event touches upon an array of the features ranging from virtualization, simplification, automation, and truly data-driven intelligence, to the radical shift in the role of technology, organizational design, and culture needed to serve a new generation of B2B and B2C customers.

The event witnessed major operators as well as leading vendors come together to showcase their solutions and service innovations in the digital transformation space. Srikanth Audina, Director – Technology at EverestIMS said, “At EverestIMS, we offer an Operations Support Systems (OSS) for both Telcos and BFS space. The recently upgraded Infraon Product Suite covers infrastructure management, service management and network management and configuration. In fact, the updated solution consolidates various different layers and acts as a ‘Manager of Managers’ with a unified dashboard and operations center.”

EverestIMS’s future-rich software name creates visibility into existing and future technologies deployed by an enterprise. With its advanced IMS solution offerings, it ensures to lay a foundation and be a part of organization’s journey to digital transformation.

Sudhakar Aruchamy, CTO at EverestIMS continued, “DTA 2019 has provided us a great platform to make industry leaders and professionals aware about the Infraon Product Suite. The event helped us to network with fellow communication service providers and showcase Infraon capabilities for Telco and BFS space. It was a great experience to be part of DTA and hearing over 120 digital transformation journeys.”