EverestIMS showcases the Infraon OSS Suite at Digital Transformation Middle East at Dubai; Helps Telcos and Communication Service Providers in Digital Transformation

EverestIMS Adopted 'Zero Trust' Strategy by Deploying a Cutting-edge Remote Access, Authorization and Security System

EverestIMS Adopted 'Zero Trust' Strategy by Deploying a Cutting-edge Remote Access, Authorization and Security System

EverestIMS Technologies Pvt Ltd (EverestIMS), an Indian product company with a rich market experience in the I&O and Digital Transformation space, recently participated in TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Middle East held at Dubai, UAE. EverestIMS showcased its ‘Infraon OSS Product Suite and Infraon Service Manager’ while sharing crucial insights on how their products help Telcos and Communication Service Providers in digital transformation.

DTME was an overwhelming success in Dubai. It was geared towards finding out how industry leaders are transforming their operating environment to be ready for a 5G society. As TM Forum’s flagship conference for the Middle East, this event bought together industry thought-leaders and practitioners together to collaborate and share for two intensive days. The event saw 252 attendees, 93 unique companies, and 34 countries being represented.

The EverestIMS team showcased the Infraon OSS Suite to an eager audience while discussing how EverestIMS products help re-imagine customer experiences and engagement with AI, along with developing a winning digital operating model.

Satish Kumar V CEO at EverestIMS said, “DTME has provided us a great platform to make industry leaders and professionals aware about the Infraon OSS Product Suite. The event helped us to network with fellow communication service providers and showcase Infraon’s capabilities for the Telco space. It was a great experience to be part of DTME while gaining from numerous experiences and sharing ours too.”

Some of the largest communication service providers and suppliers from across the globe came together to candidly share the lessons they have learned in accelerating their internal digital transformation; overcoming organizational, technical and operational roadblocks for a culture of innovation.

The event touched upon an array of the features ranging from virtualization, simplification, automation, and truly data-driven intelligence, to the radical shift in the role of technology, organizational design, and culture needed to serve a new generation of B2B and B2C customers.

The EverestIMS team came away with a host of rich experiences while paving the way for myriad new business opportunities and partnerships.