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Eurotech Unveils Advanced Cable Cubby Enclosures

Eurotech Introduces Next Generation BestNet Cable Cubby for AV Connectivity
Eurotech Introduces Next Generation BestNet Cable Cubby for AV Connectivity

Eurotech Technologies, the leading technology solutions company today announced the launch of BestNet Cable Cubby that combines AV control, connectivity and AC power. The plug and play, table-top flush mount Cable Cubby enclosures delivers uninterrupted access to network, phone, VGA, microphone, HDMI output, USB and 3.5 audio. The BestNet Cable Cubby enclosures are ideal for boardrooms, educational institutions, hospitality industry and large training facilities, where multiple, distributed table-top cable connections are required.

The next generation BestNet Cable Cubby enclosures deliver advanced cable management solution and present convenient access to AV connectivity and AC power. The motorized Cable Cubby flipping the socket in 180 degrees helps hide all the configurations and protects the inside interface. Highly feature rich and rugged, BestNet Cable Cubby enclosures offer convenient access to cable connections; prevents seepage of water and offers an architecturally streamlined & economical connectivity solution.

“Optimizing performance the slim and compact Cable Cubby enclosures feature a range of cable functions and offer a convenient mix of Audio Visual connectivity and AC power, meeting the AV connectivity needs of our customers,” said Mr. Anuj Jain, Managing Director, Eurotech Technologies Pvt Ltd. The easy-to-use & highly flexible BestNet Cable Cubby enclosures blend seamlessly and engineered for swift assembly and quick installation. The products under the BestNet brand ensures strict compliance with industry standards in quality & reliability and has the best mix of AV, networking and communications product-line, he added.