Eurotech Technologies launches BestNet HDMI Fibre Extender

Eurotech Technologies, the Bangalore based leading technology solutions company; today announced the launch BestNet HDMI Fibre Extender designed to deliver full HD-1080p video content and applications across long distances. The HDMI Extender supports distances of up to 2KM (multimode) and 25KM (single-mode) and ensures high resolution transmission in real time. The product is ideal for applications requiring long distance transmission of high quality HDMI content, such as transportation, government, medical care, commercial presentation, university campuses, industrial monitoring applications and large conference sites.
The HDMI Fibre Extender comes with a play-and-plug design that makes the installation extremely easy & convenient and takes advantage of single-mode that requires only one fiber optic cable for the connection of transmitter and receiver units, ensuring long-range extension of HDMI signals. Compatible with any operation system, the pure hardware design comes in a compact form-factor pluggable module that simplifies the maintenance process and reduces administration costs.
“Eurotech Technologies continues to emphasize its commitment to developing high performance video solution. Optimally positioned to address a wide variety of verticals and aggressively priced, BestNet HDMI Fibre Extender enables enterprises to achieve greater operational agility,” said Mr. Anuj Jain, Managing Director, Eurotech Technologies Pvt Ltd. BestNet comprehensive portfolio is designed to help organizations leverage networked video to improve business efficiencies, he added.
Industry-grade design and modularization makes the HDMI Fibre Extender reliable and flexible and use of fiber optic technology eliminates signal loss between transmitter and receiver units and is immune to electromagnetic interference.

BestNet HDMI-Fiber Extender About BestNet Brand:
The award winning BestNet Brand focuses on the philosophy of Quality, Reliability, Affordable pricing, Environment friendly and seamlessly integrating Networking and Communication products & Solutions across enterprise levels.
About Eurotech Technologies:
Eurotech Technologies is a leading technology distribution company based in Bangalore. A two decade old company Eurotech offers a wide range of latest computer based products and services. With a large customer base of Domestic and Global clients Eurotech Technologies offers a host of IT products and is a one stop solution provider of Networking components ( Active & Passive ), CCTV Surveillance, Computer accessories, Audio & Video, Cables (copper and fibre) Racks, Firewire products and Tools.