January 17, 2021

eToro Chooses TelecityGroup’s Cloud-IX For Hybrid Cloud Deployment

eToro, the world’s largest social investment network, has chosen downloadTelecityGroup’s Cloud-IX platform to achieve a flexible, secure and resilient hybrid cloud deployment for its core IT infrastructure. The solution will enable eToro to migrate select mission-critical components to the public cloud via Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, whilst still operating private infrastructure located in TelecityGroup’s premium data centre facilities. This will enable eToro to provide support for its legacy developments and architecture at the same time as using the public cloud to drive innovation within the organisation and test, develop and roll-out new services quickly and easily.

eToro is a global social investment network, enabling nearly 4 million users in over 170 countries worldwide to invest in currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. It enables users to manage their portfolios while tapping into its active trading community and innovative online investment platforms.

eToro is moving mission-critical applications, including the IT supporting its Social Trading service, to Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s open and flexible public cloud computing platform. At the same time, its private infrastructure has been relocated into TelecityGroup’s London data centre facilities for its core trading functions, enabling it to meet the stringent data requirements of the heavily-regulated investment industry. Using Azure ExpressRoute, available as part of TelecityGroup’s Cloud-IX ecosystem, eToro has a direct connection between its private and public infrastructure, enabling it to bypass the public internet and benefit from reduced network costs, increased bandwidth throughput, and a more consistent network experience.

The integration process was facilitated by AltoRoutes, the cloud network and application system integrator, to enable a streamlines and rapid migration into the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Israel Kalush, VP of Engineering, eToro says: “The nature of our business requires us to provide our customers with a high performance, scalable and extremely robust service. In addition, we work in a regulated industry, which obliges strict guarantees to the customer and how their data is used. We have a strong relationship with TelecityGroup, so once we decided to make a strategic shift towards cloud based assets, it was a natural decision to choose Azure ExpressRoute, as part of TelecityGroup’s Cloud-IX platform. Working closely with AltoRoutes we were able to achieve a flexible, resilient and secure hybrid cloud deployment on time and with minimal friction on our end.”

James Tyler, Chief Commercial Officer, TelecityGroup comments: “Cloud-IX provides a cloud-neutral ecosystem and networking platform which enables customers to fully leverage the possibilities of the cloud with flexible and scalable public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. eToro is a fantastic example of an organisation using the hybrid cloud to its full potential, with its physical infrastructure in a TelecityGroup data centre working in combination with the Azure public cloud to enable it to expand its business, while maintaining its customer experience.”

Roi Shillo, Director of Hybrid Cloud Solutions, AltoRoutes, said: “Providing top-class network and cloud integration services to enterprises and startup companies is our goal and always has been. Helping to bring this exciting, mission critical application to Microsoft Azure via TelecityGroup’s Cloud-IX has demonstrated the huge step Microsoft and TelecityGroup have taken toward a truly hybrid cloud infrastructure.”

With Azure ExpressRoute and Cloud-IX, organisations are able to establish a local and private connection to Microsoft Azure from any of TelecityGroup’s European facilities. Low -latency connections are available in locations where Microsoft colocates its ExpressRoute access points within TelecityGroup’s data centres – Amsterdam and London. Through the avoidance of a connection to the public internet, Azure ExpressRoute via Cloud-IX offers increased reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies and higher security compared to other connections over the internet.