ESY INDIA Celebrates 1 million customers

When going get tough ,the tough get going – Its true when it comes to ESY INDIA .

The world of business is going through a tough time however this 1 MILLION CUSTOMER - ESY PICemerging imaging leader could attain over 1 million customers within 4 years of its inception in India. ESY INDIA , the 100% subsidiary of ESY Group Malaysia , established itself in the country in the year 2012 with their blockbuster product – ESYINK .

As said by Ms. Sanuja , Marketing manager for ESY INDIA “Though our corporate theme is making life easy but the initial phase of our life in India was not that easy. When we had launched ESYINK in Indian market the concept of CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) was not familiar and we faced loads of inhibition to accept an external Ink supply system to their Inkjet printers. We had to provide cash back offers if the printer is damaged due to ESYINK. The first 1000 installations could bring 1000 brand ambassadors for us who spoke for us, who assured the quality, who encouraged others to opt for ESYINK. We could train 1400 and more engineers across the country to install ESYINK and support the customer post installation and they were called as ESYINK Efficient Engineers. We could build a robust channel network across the country (Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Dwarka to Dibrugarh). We could ensure reach for ESYINK in 545 cities/towns in India. We organized more than 2500 roadshows to offer the BIBLE factor (Before I Buy Live Experience) to our customers. Within 2 years we could own half a million customers in India, which was enough proof of the quality of our products and higher level of customer satisfaction. After establishing ESYINK we decided to expand our product range. We could launch ESYCAST Wi-Fi HDMI Streaming Device, an innovative product in Indian market. We were thinking that ESYCAST would be a wow factor device for consumers wherein they can stream photos, videos, and games from mobile phones to their HD Televisions. We drove marketing programs to get connected with tech savvy consumers. Truly speaking we did not get expected reception from the Indian market. Consumer survey could help us to realize that many of the mobile users are reluctant to stream the images to a big screen as a sharing method. Rather they like to send it through WhatsApp or similar methods. Moreover, they started enjoying the small screen magic. This was an eye opener for us and helped us to change our strategy. We could launch ESYCAST with larger area coverage so that that can be connected to a Projector and all types images can be streamed from PC and Mobile phones wirelessly. ESYCAST could convert a normal projector to a Multi OS Wi-Fi projector that too at an affordable price. This was very well accepted and appreciated by the display market. Many education institutions and corporates had opted for ESYCAST. Happy share that we have over twenty thousand customers in India who are enjoying the innovation of ESYCAST.

It was part of our long-term plan that ESY must grow from consumable brand to Digital Accessories to a master products brand. We could collaborate with Pinnacle Corp, Taiwan, the world’s leading manufacturers for POS Printers and computing devices. Last year we could launch 6 models of ESYAclas POS printers. By then ESY India was established as a reliable brand in Indian Digital Market and we could leverage it for launching POS Printers. Today our full range of ESYPOS products like Receipt Printers, Wi-Fi Printers, 1D & 2D Barcode Scanners, Wireless Barcode Scanners, Cash Drawers etc. We possess a strong service network across the country. No wonder why ESYPOS was rated as the Best POS Printers in 2016.
ESY India has offices in Gurgaon, Chennai, Delhi and Cochin. We will open our Mumbai and Bangalore offices soon. We are also planning to launch digital POS machines with hard keys, soft keys and touchpad. All these machines will be GST ready to address the new revolutions in the market.”

Ms. Sanuja also added that ESY INDIA is aiming to be the no.1 brand in the POS spectrum who offers all products and solutions related to retail billing.

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