Estonia looks to develop ties in IT, cyber space with India

European nation Estonia today said it is looking to build cooperation with India in cyber security and e-government development space and also invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit the country.
“I gave invitation to Indian foreign minister and prime minister to visit Estonia. Last visit of an Indian prime minister to Estonia was 36 years ago. It was Indira Gandhi and people in Estonia still remember that. It is time again to have so high level visit from India to Estonia,” Republic of Estonia’s Entrepreneurship and IT Minister Urve Palo told reporters.
During her visit to India, Palo met Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar. She was also scheduled to meet Commerce and Industries Minister Suresh Prabhu later.
“So far I have seen that Indian government is very much interested in cooperation into cyber security and also in the e-government development issues,” Palo said.
She said that Akbar, Estonian delegation discussed recognition in India of diplomas that are awarded in Estonia. Palo said that both India and Estonia have shown high interest in the area of information and communication technology, cyber security and smart cities.
India and Estonia have already signed memorandum of understandings in the field of ICT. Palo invited Indian entrepreneurs to sign for e-residency using which they can conduct a business from Estonia.
“E-residency does not give citizenship but e-residency holders can access to e-governance services of Estonia and conduct their business without even visiting Estonia. It gives entrepreneurs access to European market,” Palo said. Firms in Estonia gain business opportunity from e-residents.
By 2025, e-residents are expected to add a total of 1.8 billion euros to Estonia’s economy via direct (state fees and taxes) and indirect (job creation across industries, incremental demand, increased administrative efficiencies and country brand), a representative of Estonia said. Estonian authorities shared that Prasad was given e-residency of Estonia when he visited the country last year.
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