ESS Distribution Launches New IT security products For Consumers In India

  • ESS Distribution launches six new SKUs of ESET security products with 36 months validity

  • New products were designed to provide state-of-art IT security across various platforms for families, small businesses and start-ups

ESS Distribution, the leading provider of IT security Eset anitvirussolutions in Indian market, today announced the launch of new ESET® consumer products in India with 36 months validity.

The list of new retail packs includes ESET NOD32® Antivirus 9 for 1, 3 and 10 users and ESET Smart Security® 9 for 1, 3 and 5 users. All products have 36 months validity making them an unbeatable offer for users all over India.

The product packs of each new SKU include separate CDs with security software and separate software licenses, and according to the number of users that ideally suit families, small businesses and start-ups. Each product provides users with multiple layers of security across Windows, Linux, Mac, Android Phones platforms.

Commenting on the launch of new products, Mr Zakir Hussain, Country Head of ESS Distribution, Official Distributor of ESET products in India, said: “By offering six new SKUs in the market we are planning to tap larger audience for ESET security suits in India. New products provide greater level of flexibility to home users as they now can secure multiple systems and devices for a period of 3 years by making one-time investment in the industry-leading anti-malware solution”.

ESS Distribution has recently announced pan India availability of 9th version of ESET flagship security suites for home users. ESET Smart Security® 9 and ESET NOD32® Antivirus 9 security suits have completely redesigned graphical user interface to improve usability and performance. Both products are compatible with Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10 and continue maintaining their renowned lightweight footprint and highest level of protection.

ESET Smart Security® 9, an all-in-one total security solution built on the legendary ESET NOD32® detection technology, offers several new features including Banking & Payment Protection which helps to protect customers’ banking transactions and online payments. This feature secures users’ browser of choice to ensure all their online financial transactions are processed safely. For online banking sites it works automatically. The demand for such a feature arose from the growing use of online banking by consumers worldwide, which has made this service a target by cyber criminals.