October 2, 2020

ESS Distribution denounced defaming media reports

image001MUMBAI, India – September, 22, 2016 – ESS Distribution, the leading provider of IT security solutions in Indian market, today dismissed media report which claimed the company “was accused of fraudulent practices and default” by its former partner.

ESS Distribution brought to the knowledge of its Channel partners and the media that the report “Virus Alert Sounded In ESET India Distribution System” published in ChannelTimes.com (Trivone Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. Publication) by SwaminathanBalasubramaniam on Sep 16, 2016, was faulty and defaming the company’s reputation.

For example, the news report states: “ESS Distribution, which was the face of ESET in India, was accused of fraudulent practices and default by the Slovakian company, which decided to part ways early in August”.

The author of the report made such statements citing unknown source and without stating any facts to show that a fraud was committed or that the company was accused in any kind of fraud. The company considers such statements as a deliberate misrepresentation and misstatement.

ESS Distribution brings to attention of the channel community and the media that no fact of any fraud committed by the company and/or its employees with regards to ESET or Channel partners was ever registered, notified or communicated to ESS Distribution.

The same media report highlights the details of alleged communications between ESS Distribution, ESET and Channel partners citing unofficial and unnamed sources and without any proof such communications taken place. This raises suspicion about all the facts, stated in this article.

ESS Distribution once again brings to attention of the channel community and the media that no fact attributed to “ESS Distribution’s position” over the issue stated in this report is true. ESS Distribution emphasizes that no journalist working with ChannelTimes.com or any other Trivone publication has contacted the company officially before this report appeared in the press.

ESS Distribution believes this kind of reporting showcases low standard of quality and ethics in IT channel media in India as well as the fact that some media persons can be easily manipulated by industry organizations and market players who spread rumors that easily become the base of news reports without any prior check or verification.

In these circumstances, it has become necessary for ESS Distribution to clarify the issue and dispel any wrong impression that may have been created owing to false and defamatory statements of this report.

ESS Distribution maintains that due to discontinue of long-term partnership between ESS Distribution and ESET and following issues within the distribution channel, lot of hot air and rumors are being generated and spread in the market with some of them reaching to the media. Such rumors are defaming reputation of all the companies involved.

ESS Distribution holds that settling disputes between two private companies cannot and should not be carried out publicly while any accusations and claims made public and citing unconfirmed and unnamed sources can be considered as slander.