eSignLive To Meet Data Residency Requirements With New Data Centers In Europe And Australia

Leading e-signature provider addresses the need for regulated markets in Europe and Australia to keep data secure, compliant and digital by launching instances on IBM Cloud data centers

VASCO® Data Security International,a global leader in authentication, electronic signatures, and identity eSignLive-Logo-Blackmanagement, today announced that eSignLive™, the e-signature choice for business, will launchinstances of its e-signature software in data centers in Europe and Australia. The movepositions eSignLive to offer the most cloud locations globally among the leaders in the e-signature market. eSignLive willleverageIBM Cloud’s global network of data centers to meet in-country data residency requirements by launchingmultipleregional instances in support of the growing adoption of e-signatures.

“Data residency is a strong driver of cloud software buying decisions globally and with eSignLive soon to behosted on IBM’s global data center network, we will beable to address our customers’ requirements for higher data security, control and compliance,” said eSignLive President, Tommy Petrogiannis. “Data residency is particularly important in regulated industries such as banking, insurance, government and healthcare, where visibility into where data resides is necessary for compliance reasons.”

In Europe, the Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market (eIDAS) regulation will replace the existing EU Directive as of July 1, 2016, enabling greater mainstream adoption of e-signatures across Europe. In addition, with the recent repeal of the Safe Harbor agreement and its replacement by the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, organizations will seeksolutions that are available on local data centers to ensure that customer and business data will be protected by local laws.

In Australia, a recent eSignLive poll conducted by Galaxy Research revealed that more than 50 percent of Australians were concerned that information in the cloud may not be stored within Australian jurisdiction, and therefore not be subject to Australian privacy laws. To satisfy data residency requirements, especially in regulated industries that want to use cloud services, eSignLive will host its e-signature solution on two major data centers in Sydney and Melbourne. eSignLive is alreadyengaged with a leading Australian bank, as well as technology partners, to drive customer experience and digital transformation initiatives.

The flexibility of eSignLive on IBM Cloud, either on a public or private cloud, allows organizations to scale operations quickly. This scalabilityextends to eSignLive’sintegration withSalesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, and helps commercial and government organizations enableusers to electronically sign from anywhere, anytime and on any device.eSignLive can also be deployed on-premises, provides an active audit trail that captures a visual record of what transpired during a transaction, and can be white labelled to put the spotlight on the customer’s brand.

Instances of eSignLive in Europe and Australia are scheduled to be live within the next two weeks, and the company expects to continue to expand cloud instances of its e-signature solution to meet in-country data residency requirements in additional regions by the end of 2016.

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