March 7, 2021

ESG Labs Achieves Impressive Testing Results for EMC

Brocade[3]Testing Results for 500 Virtual Desktop and 100 VM Configurations Validate Ease of Deployment, Performance and Agility for Delivering IT as a Service

New Delhi, INDIA, —  May 06, 2013  –  Brocade (NASDAQ: BRCD), the leader in data center networking solutions, today announced impressive testing results performed by ESG Lab for EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure solutions enabled with the award-winning Brocade VDX Ethernet fabric data center network switches for cloud-optimized configurations of 100 virtual machines (VMs) and 500 virtual desktop instances. The testing performed typical workloads for each configuration that small and mid-sized businesses commonly deploy to support rapid data growth and ever changing business requirements.

Additionally, these solutions will also be demonstrated live to customers in the Brocade booth (#225) at EMC World, to be held in Las Vegas May 6 – 9.

ESG Lab test results showed that the EMC VSPEX configurations with Brocade networking were able to easily scale from 100 to 500 virtual desktops while maintaining high performance and quick responsiveness to applications. The network for the 100-VM configuration was found to provide a highly reliable and resilient foundation with full redundancy, including automated failover and failback. Tests with both configurations validated ease-of-deployment and automated VM mobility with VMware hypervisors. Test workloads for the VDI solution included document access and log-in, with the 100-VM solution running on-line transaction processing, Microsoft Exchange, web server and backup applications.

For the EMC VSPEX end user computing solution for 500 virtual desktops, the report stated, “ESG Lab testing validated that the 500 virtual desktop VSPEX with Brocade networking reference architecture was easy to set up and manage and provided a robust and highly available platform. With 500 simulated desktop users hammering the infrastructure, activities such as logging in, and creating and editing files functioned properly with good response times; administrative tasks such as provisioning, cloning, and vMotion experienced the same solid performance.”

“The highly reliable and available Brocade switches and fabric provide virtualization-focused benefits and network reliability. Advanced features and intelligence-enabled automation of tasks such as configuring ports for vMotion, forming ISLs and trunks, and using striping to maximize both availability and performance were tested and validated, and Brocade executed path failover and failback flawlessly.”

For the 100-VM configuration, ESG analysts stated that the solution “was easy to set up and manage and provided a robust and highly available platform. With 100 virtual machines running simulated real-world workloads, the solution was able to deliver excellent responses times of 8ms or less while easily reaching our targeted 2,500 IOPS. Together, Brocade and EMC VSPEX proved their ability to handle a 100-VM environment without a hitch. This integrated solution provides a fast and easy way to get to the cloud, making it possible for more organizations to leverage improved agility and responsiveness to compete in their markets.”

EMC VSPEX™ Proven Infrastructure, available only through the EMC’s Velocity™ Program channel partners, uses Brocade cloud-optimized networking technologies with EMC unified storage and next generation backup architecture, while enabling customers to leverage their server and hypervisor of choice. EMC VSPEX offers customers a simple, efficient and flexible means of deploying virtualization and cloud technologies, without added layers of IT complexity or risk. These solutions are designed for organizations that do not have the in-house technical expertise and resources typically found in large enterprises.

“Integrated computing platforms can mean the difference between success and failure, offering relief from having to acquire and integrate individual components. Integrated platforms can not only ease the burden of deploying virtualization-focused infrastructures, but also ensure a successful implementation,” said Brian Garrett, vice president, ESG Lab. “From our tests, we found that EMC VSPEX solutions with Brocade networking to be rock-solid in delivering performance and agility with intuitive management interfaces. The solutions are highly redundant across all domains, ensuring high availability of server, storage, and network resources, which is especially essential for virtual desktop implementations, as this it directly impacts the user experience. In addition, the ability of the solutions to move virtual machines between physical hosts is a critical function that enables IT to be delivered as a service.”

The EMC VSPEX configurations tested by ESG Lab included Brocade VDX switches serving as the foundation of an architecture linking EMC VNXe storage and Windows x86 servers hosting VMware virtualization software. Brocade Network Advisor management software was used to manage the VDS switches and for providing automated movement of network port profiles through vMotion, along with EMC Unisphere for storage management.

“ESG Lab validation of the EMC VSPEX solutions with Brocade networking helps our channel partners better communicate the value we bring to small and mid-sized businesses to help them achieve greater business agility and cost efficiencies by transforming the way applications and the supporting infrastructure — including compute, storage and networking — are deployed in the data center,” said Regan McGrath, vice president, Global Channel Sales and Marketing, at Brocade. “Integrating Brocade networking into VSPEX solutions is a key element of our 15-year relationship with EMC and has also enhanced our relationship with the channel.”


Click here to access the ESG Labs report, “Brocade Networking with EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure Deployment for 500 Virtual Desktops”

Click here to access the ESG Labs report, “Brocade Networking with EMC VSPEX Reference Architecture, Infrastructure Deployment for 100 Virtual Machines”