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ESET New Version 6 Products Launched in India

ESet logoESET, the leader in proactive protection against digital threats, announced release of 6th version of its consumer products ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security along with exciting  “1+1” offer on retail products.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 will provide Indian consumers with even faster and more powerful antivirus solution along with anti-phishing features while  ESET Smart Security 6 , an all-in-one Internet security product, will have brand-new Anti-Theft tool that helps locate missing notebooks and makes it possible to monitor activity on lost or stolen devices. ESET now offers free ESET Mobile Security 6monthslicensealong with ESET Smart Security 1 user packs.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 and ESET Smart Security 6 are launched in the market along with “Buy 1 Get 1 Free License” offer on ESET Smart Security 1&3 user retail packs. The offer will be available for purchase from 1st April to 30th June 2013 all over India

Pankaj Jain, Director at ESET India, said “New version of our flagship consumer products is a new step towards total digital security for our existing and potential users. Our new Anti-Theft feature helps locate lost or stolen notebook and even monitor its usage activity, send alert messages and locate your computer from ESET’s cloud platform. This aggressive offer will help us to achieve our targets for increasing installation share in India by expanding ESET user database significantly. Not only end-users but even retail channel partners will benefit a lot from this offer.”

Apart from Anti-Theft ESET featured its new products with ESET Social Media Scanner which protects users from malicious content on their profile, wall, and newsfeed and in private messages, even when the user is not logged in. If an infection is found, a notification arrives by email, so that immediate action can be taken. The app also helps the user’s friends stay a safe distance from malicious content, checking their walls for potentially dangerous links. ESET Social Media Scanner is a free Face book application which can be used by any social media account holders, even non-ESET users.

Upgrade from 5th version to 6th version of ESET products is absolutely free for current users and customers purchased the previous versions. From mid-April 2013 ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 and ESET Smart Security 6 packs will be available in retail stores all over India.

ESET offers 10 quick tips to stay safe and keep your data secured in the digital world:

Always password-protect your computing devices. Why? If anyone steals your device they will have to defeat your password to get at any of your data or accounts on the device. Note: It is not impossible to defeat password protection on a device, but it adds a layer of protection and may buy you time to locate and recover the device.

Always backup your files. Why? Even if you can’t recover a stolen device that does not mean you have to lose all your information and software. Regular backups are the ultimate defense against theft of your files. Note: there are plenty of options for backup these days including online backup.

Use tracking software to help get your stolen device back. Why? Getting your stolen device back is not impossible, particularly if the device itself can tell you where it is and you can communicate with the device, and even the person who has it. This is where the Anti-Theft feature comes into play.

Don’t tempt thieves by leaving computers unattended, particularly in public places. Why? Leaving your computer unattended in a car or at the airport or restaurant is like asking for it to be stolen. Note: In a recent ESET commissioned survey we found that 1 in 5 stolen devices in the U.S. were taken from a car, 12% from an airport, train, or bus, and 11% from a restaurant or coffee shop.

Encrypt sensitive data. Why? Storing sensitive data in encrypted files prevents anyone exploiting your data if your computer is stolen. Note: File encryption is available free on recent version of both the Microsoft Windows and apple Mac OS X operating systems.

Think before you click links. Why? Because not every link you come across in social media is what it seems, some links are scams, particularly wild or salacious news stories. Note: It is often safer to Google the subject of a link or type a website’s main URL into a browser instead of clicking the link.

Don’t post personal details you wouldn’t want your mother to see. Why? Despite privacy controls, it is almost impossible to control what happens to things you post on social media, so your mother may see it at some point. Note: You need to review your privacy settings on social media on a regular basis as they may change.

Only accept friends you trust enough to invite to dinner. Why? Accepting friend requests from people you don’t know and trust puts your reputation at risk. Note: Make sure you understand the “friends of friends” settings on your social networks.

Don’t spread links or posts without checking. Why? Sharing information and links without verifying them is risky. You may be tricked into spreading inappropriate or even malicious content. Note: Verify news stories on a proper news website before sharing them on social media.

Expect anything you put on social media to live on. Why? Even if you delete something, it may have been seen and saved already. Note: Anyone who sees a photograph you share can capture a copy on their device and do whatever they want with it.

To celebrate the launch of Version 6 products ESET introduced end-user offer “Buy 1 Get 1FreeLicense” on ESET Smart Security 1 and 3 user packs. The offer will be available for purchase from 1st April to 30th June 2013 all over India.

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