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ESET Cyber security road map for businesses



ESET, a global pioneer in proactive protection for 25-years, have provided security tips for businesses.

Cyber Security A to F

Assess your assets, risks, resources      

Catalog both Digital and Physical assets

Determine risks in terms of actors, actions, assets, attributes and motives

List the resources, protect them and review the threats against them

Build your policy

Organization needs a high-level commitment to protect the privacy and security of all data handled by the organization.

Vendor must have a written policy, approved by its management.

Choose your controls to enforce your policies

Limit access to specific data to specified individuals by requiring employees to identify and authenticate themselves to the system.

Deploy the controls

When you roll out a control like unique user IDs and passwords you will need to educate users about why this is happening and how it works

Educate employees, execs, vendors

Everyone needs to know and understand, what the organization’s cyber security policies are, how to comply with them through proper use of controls, why compliance is important, the consequences of failure to comply.

Further assess, audit, test

Once polices and controls are in place and education is under way, it is time to re-assess security, by testing and auditing.

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