ESET Buys Recognized Data Encryption Leader DESlock+

After years of successful partnership within the ESET Technology Alliance, UK-based company joins ESET to provide its solution as part of ESET’s broad portfolio to business customers.

ESET®, a global leader in IT security for more than two decades, announces the acquisition of recognized data Eset anitvirusencryption company DESlock+ from its former management and Shackleton Ventures Investment Company. ESET plans to integrate this solution into its broad portfolio of consumer and business products.

Data protection and privacy are among the top concerns of both companies and individuals. Government agencies, like the European Union, are also enforcing regulations that require businesses and organizations to implement security measures, including encryption, to protect the data of their users.

“A recent survey we conducted among businesses shows that 2 out of every 3 companies see a need for encryption as part of their standard endpoint security solutions,” said Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at ESET. “We had very good results offering DESlock+ encryption solutions as part of our ESET Technology Alliance, and we believe our customers will be very happy to see that we are taking that partnership even further. Acquiring DESlock+ will allow us to complement our ESET Security products with greater encryption technology.”

DESlock+, based in Taunton, United Kingdom, specializes in advanced encryption solutions and first partnered with ESET two years ago, when it joined the ESET Technology Alliance program. “Encryption plays an important role in security and represents a vault guarding your company’s sensitive information as well as your personal data,” said ESET’s Chief Technology Officer, Palo Luka. “Our plan is to fully integrate the technology we have acquired into our products for business and the consumer segment, and develop it further.”

The existing DESlock+ team of 12 employees was led by Managing Director David Tomlinson, who now becomes the manager of ESET’s Encryption Business Unit. ESET is not planning any personnel changes following the acquisition. All the company’s employees are now members of ESET. “The team is very excited about its future within the ESET family,” said Tomlinson. By acquiring DESlock+, ESET has added a new Research & Development location to its existing ones, which will empower the company to recruit local talent in the UK, where the encryption leader is based.

DESlock+ is a powerful tool with patented share-key management offering a number of encryption features. It includes web browser-based secured remote management, a mobile edition for iOS® and a portable client, DESlock+ Go, which allows secure data access on workstations without DESlock+ installed.

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