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ESDS Software Collaborates With Red Hat to Provide Managed Cloud Hosting Services

ESDS Software Solution today announced that it has joined hands esds-final-logo-largewith Red Hat to bring together the benefits of cloud solutions to legacy applications and enterprise databases.

Customers can now avail managed data &cloud hosting services on ESDS eNlight Cloud platform that allows vertical autoscaling of virtual machines. ESDS can now offer needed agility to enterprises that may not otherwise reap the benefits of cloud, given the architecture of their systems.

eNlight Cloud is a state-of-the-art cloud hosting solution with a built-in ability to automatically scale CPU and RAM on-the fly. Customers can now access the benefits of automatic load sensing and scaling, pay-per-consumption metered billing, root access to enterprise databases and managed OS, database and network services by using Red Hat Enterprise Linux on patented eNlight Cloud. This solution is targeted at customers across several verticals including aviation, banking, manufacturing, oil & gas, shipping and telecommunications.

Red Hat’s Certified Cloud and Service Provider designation is awarded to Red Hat partners following validation by Red Hat. Each provider must meet testing and certification requirements to demonstrate that they can deliver a safe, scalable, supported and consistent environment for enterprise cloud deployments. The global program provides customers, independent software vendors (ISVs), and partners with the confidence that Red Hat product experts have validated a given solution so that implementations can begin with a solid foundation.

ESDS is the first IT organization in India to receive a patent from United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), for its auto-scaling cloud technology ‘eNlight’.

Supporting Quotes:

Piyush Somani, Founder, MD and CEO, ESDS
“Today our patented eNlight cloud solution combined with Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform is our unique differentiator. All our products are based on open-source standards. We believe the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider partner program will help us strengthen our position to serve the India market better. Furthermore, eNlight cloud virtual machines combined with Red Hat Enterprise Linux can help enterprises cut down disaster recovery hosting cost thus giving them an added advantage of cost saving.”

Rajesh Rege, Managing Director, Red Hat India
“We are excited to work with ESDS to provide managed cloud hosting services. Through the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider program, ESDS can now more easily offer SME’s and enterprises the scalability in cloud in real time, bill only for actual consumption of resources and help improve performance without changing architecture of their systems.”