eScan’s products are already compatible with the cloud technologies – Mr.Sunil Kripalani, Senior VP (Global Sales and Marketing) of eScan

in an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr.Sunil Kripalani, Senior VP (Global  Sales and Marketing) of eScan, reveals his strategies for business in India.

Vikas Gupta:- What will be your growth strategy in India for this financial year?

Mr.Sunil Kripalani, Senior VP (Global Sales and Marketing) of eScan

Mr. Sunil Kripalani :- eScan this year would be banking on a strong marketing and channel strategy to contribute towards our annual growth. Even though we have a comprehensively designed channel program that encompasses sales, technical and marketing programs for our channel partners, this year we also plan to promote our brand through the word of mouth by further enhancing the world class experience that we are already providing to our users.

We have also planned our business strategies with aggressive and in depth market penetration in mind, which would increase our market share drastically from the myriad of products that we offer to our end clients.

Vikas Gupta:- With so many venders offering security solutions, do you think loyalty is a major issue?

Mr. Sunil Kripalani :- We have a retention rate of over 90% from our client base, with the different range of products in our portfolio. We enjoy the trust and faith of our customers and we are happy to share that, our customers don’t like to switch brands once they are on boarded by eScan due to the superior product quality and the constant innovation that we bring to the product.

Vikas Gupta:- How do you think your enterprise channel partners should pitch eScan to execute profitable business deals?

Mr. Sunil Kripalani :- Due to the ceaseless advancements in the IT landscape, the threats to the network across devices have also increased from different sources. We expect our enterprise channel partners to educate the masses and end clients alike with the pros of digitalization and the cons of it as well. While educating them about the threats, our partners would also be educating them about the range of products eScan has in our portfolio and how our products can help them curb the ever-growing threats that the infinite abyss of the internet poses.

This would be the ideal way for our enterprise channel partners to pitch our products while working towards earning profitable business deals.

Vikas Gupta:- What are the key differentiators of eScan in antivirus market?

Mr. Sunil Kripalani :- With over two decades of pure-play IT security solutions provider, eScan is well poised among its global peers owing to our strong research and development team. Since we have a full-fledged development center in India, we do a lot of corporate customization for our corporate and enterprise clients. Owing to our development team, we have been continuously building and strengthening our technology that uses the latest Artificial Intelligence to IoT based specific solutions to be ready for the next wave of change in the IT domain. Hence, due to the constant evolvement of technology we provide to our end clients, we believe that our ability to improvise which enables our clients to counter any threats arises as a key differentiator for escan in the Antivirus market.

Vikas Gupta:- What will be the company’s strategy as far as system integrators are concerned?

Mr. Sunil Kripalani :- With a vision to be the brand leader among security products and solutions in India, we plan to recruit system integrators on pan India levels who can offer excellent services and support to the end customer. We plan to strengthen the network of our system integrators, giving prime importance to the satisfaction of our customers. Irrespective of the location they are based in, be it Tier one, Tier 2 or any remote location across the country, our clients will have similar world-class experience while using our products.

Vikas Gupta:- With virtualization and cloud gain across enterprise, what will be eScan’s approach in this aspect?

Mr. Sunil Kripalani :- The benefits of cloud computing and its adoption among the Indian enterprises is driven at a very strategic level. Inclination towards a private cloud model is observed amongst the Indian enterprise in order to understand the technology within their own premises before adopting the public cloud model.

“eScan’s products are already compatible with the cloud technologies. The revolutionary MWL (MicroWorld WinSock Layer) technology of eScan intimates about any malware outbreak irrespective from the mail server, web server or file server. We get to know about such acts in no time. eScan rescue mode helps to boot into a secure environment during system start-up without using any optical media. It uses Windows based environment that not only helps to scan and clean the system but also allows fixing registry changes made by viruses and Rootkits.„

With the constant improvement, we bring to our cutting edge technology, eScan plans to use the cloud to deliver state of the art security solutions.

Vikas Gupta:- What are your plans to working with System Integrators?

Mr. Sunil Kripalani :- Having a very channel driven marketing strategy, we will ensure our focus will be on delivering technological excellence and partner support. We will work towards forging a strong collaboration with systems integrators in order to bring awareness about eScan’s product range to the end clients while making sure our clients enjoy similar world-class experience as they use our products, assuring the partners relish a healthy bottom-line.

Vikas Gupta:- When it comes to channel expansion, can you please elaborate on your company’s strategies on this aspect?

Mr. Sunil Kripalani :- With a vision to be a brand leader among security products and solutions in India, we are realigning our channel and product policies to increase channel confidence and accelerating growth.

We plan to build a robust channel ecosystem that will ensure the availability of our product range not only in Tier 1 but also in Tier 2 and 3 cities in India. To achieve this we are looking forward to joining hands with more credible partners from across the country. Apart from the frequent workshops and trainings that we provide for our channel partners, we also plan to arm them with superior leads generated by our internal team and support them with marketing and branding collaterals.

eScan’s channel expansion and philosophy is to be an integral part of business growth.

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