Erroneous Marketing done in the name of

Market has been complaining about the annoying emails they have been getting from the email ids with “” domain name used by Bertelsmann Marketing Services & V5 Global Services pvt Ltd.
We are sure that Microsoft had given the rights to use these ids for their associates who do unethical marketing and force to customer to buy their products. At the time of planning ones day, customer receives unpolite calls between 9.15 to 11 AM. which is the peak time for his daily business.  We have been encountering many complaints regarding the same and took the initiative to unravel the mystery behind these calls and the results was to make customer confuse and to achieve their targets.
We team of IT Voice decided to come down to the situation and found out that the people of some companies make their IDs with the domain name under Microsoft and are running a forceful marketing chain in the name of Microsoft.
If you have encountered any of these emails you must remember that the mails demands an answer in the span of 24 hours which is ultimately ridiculous as not even government seeks a reply to any of their in the span of 24 hours. Not only this, the people are even contacting traders and their partners and also they are asking for the purchase and invoice details. There have been regular calls and also on the further investigations the phones are tapped to have been coming from Gurgoan, Uttar Pradesh.
Credibility of Microsoft is on the stake. When calls and emails come from trusted names such as of Microsoft, it is undeniable that a person would fall into the trap. The only purpose of these mails is to fool people and maximize their profits.
The first question that should arise to anybody’s mind is why would actually Microsoft send an email to them, there is no explainable logic in it. What happens is that you get an email with the subject line of “Microsoft’s Genuine Software Initiative @ (say Mr. Anybody)” and send it no. of ID’s with the domain name under,” so that the people are convinced that the mail has been actually been sent to them by anybody from Microsoft. With the notion of confusing people by the name of Microsoft people are actually misleading and misusing the people for meeting the ends of the allotted target.
Microsoft may not even know about these kinds of activities going in the market, but surely the credibility of Microsoft is compromising. As Microsoft is one of the very trusted names of the IT world, people believe that actually it is a genuine email in unintentionally falls to the trap of the mal intentions of the people.
The only purpose of IT Voice is to aware people about these activities going on in the market and spreading awareness amongst the business officials. Also, Microsoft may not even have any idea about how people are misusing their domain name and misleading people. Anyways, precaution is better than cure and that’s what IT Voice has to say to the situation just be aware of these kind of activities.
Since Microsoft provides different licences and runs different team for the same. People get so confused that the license already purchased by him is genuine or not.
It is better that Microsoft along with its business channel partner team up and educates the end customer to use genuine software and also acknowledge them of the perks of using Microsoft totally for the ethical benefit in business.  Also it’s very easy and possible for Microsoft to deploy their managing bodies in major cities who will act as a single source and solutions to all the Microsoft products and for their selling agencies.