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Epson Acts Against Unethical Online Sites


Following the leading players’ announcements against authorization of select online sites or all the online sites, global printing leader Epson has decided to take on the unethical online practices.

Flipkart screenshot

“Please take notice that marketplace e-commerce players, such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon India, and e-Bay India are not authorized resellers of Epson products. No permission or authorization to Sell Epson products has been issued to them from us,” reads a mail communication from the global vendor addressing the customer. Partners were alerted on the same after the same was floated in social media pages.
Epson Notice
“Yes we have given a disclaimer statement about the online portals which are operating and selling Epson products through their portals. We have given this advisory in the best interest of existing & prospective customers of Epson that it will serve their best interest if they buy the Epson Products through authorized channel, as Epson India cannot guarantee and honor the offerings or commitment issued by such online portals.

“We have also seen some of these online portals without the authorization from Epson India are selling Epson products below the market prices which is seen more as unfair trade practice. Epson India will be exploring all legal options available to us to protect the interest of Epson Customers as well as our authorized channel partners against such unfair trade practices”, SM Ram Prasad, Deputy General manager, CPG – Sales and Marketing, Epson India told Channel Times.

SM Ram Prasad Deputy General manager CPG  Sales and Marketing Epson India

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