English Premier League Warns Users to Avoid Breaching of Privacy

It Voice News- The FIFA World Cup 2014 saw a lot of action on Twitter and Vine, specially immediately after the goals were scored. Soccer fans went viral on social networking sites during FIFA World Cup 2014 on social media. Specially Twitter and Vine saw lot of action from FIFA fans, when goals were scored. Lot of football fans uploaded videos of goals on social networking sites and some special video sharing sites like vine.

The English Premier League has also started. Taking cognizance of the piracy issues seen during FIFA, the officials have already warned the fan boys not to upload any video on social networking sites. Posting unofficial videos on internet would be considered illegal and infringement.

With advanced DTH set top boxes, TV has got new feature of recording, pausing or even rewinding the live TV shows, lot of football fans used this feature to upload footage of goals on the internet. A simple search on social networking sites would show result of lot of World cup goals.

Even, there is a twitter account – @FootballVines with over 540,000 followers that contains unofficial clips and footage of FIFA World Cup. But, only organizers of these events hold the right to upload official videos.

Dan Johnson, director of communication of English Premier League said, “We are developing a platform to track breaching of copyright of these videos. We are alerting users from doing the something such.

BT Sport and Sky Sport have paid $3 billion to broadcast the live Premier League football. Users can watch the live matches online by subscribing for the service on The Sun’s app, it costs 8 GBP (approx Rs 813). Organizers are developing a system that helps in security of the app.

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