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Engineering Tomorrow’s India Through Energy Efficiency

engDanfoss India, the Indian subsidiary of Danfoss Global will participate in the largest industrial automation fair, Hannover Messe 2015. With the thrust on Make in India, which is steering industrialisation in India, it is important for businesses in India to be developed with lesser energy foot print. Danfoss is keen on plugging this demand for energy in the manufacturing sector with energy efficient solutions that will ensure a sustainable yet cost effective way forward for all industries.

In 2014, Danfoss India set up a USD 100 mn R&D centre and manufacturing facility spread over 50 acres in Oragadam that has been designed to offer indigenous and customised energy solutions for customers panning various industries. In fact, the manufacturing facility recently received a LEED Platinum rating certifying it as a green and sustainable set up. This apart, the campus also houses an in house solar installation that fulfills 15% of the facility’s energy requirements.

In addition to catering to local market requirements, the India facility is poised to be a global export hub with an ambition to cater to the needs of the export market by manufacturing components that can be plugged into global innovations as the country is abundant in both talent and other requisite resources.

In India, Danfoss focuses on four core themes that are the growth engines of today’s economy-Food, Infrastructure, Energy and Climate- where its energy efficient solutions find application. A key enabler in the sustainable farm-to-fork process Danfoss plays a crucial role in saving energy and operational costs in the refrigeration, food processing & retail and dairy sectors across packaging, processing and transport. To cite an example, the Danfoss technology which finds application in the Indian Dairy sector w.r.t refrigeration, processing and storage helps the industry save almost 34% on milk chilling costs.

Danfoss India helps the country address infrastructure challenges and plays a crucial role in saving electricity costs through energy efficient HVAC solutions. Today, it is estimated that energy efficiency, if mandated by the government and implemented strongly a can help improve the overall GDP output by 2 per cent. Today, the Turbocor technology, one of Danfoss’ award winning applications, is a high efficiency oil-free centrifugal compressor that can provide extremely high energy savings for HVAC systems.

With regard to its energy efficiency promise, Danfoss propagates in its agenda to add energy efficiency in Country’s energy mix. The Company implements environment friendly solutions in HVAC applications across commercial, residential and industrial set ups and automation in the industry, as energy efficiency is one of the fastest ways to reduce the GHG- emissions.
Being the Indian subsidiary of a global trendsetter in the Climate and Energy space, Danfoss India, too aims to lower the negative impact of refrigeration on the ozone layer and believes that there needs to be a shift towards natural refrigerants across industries thereby reducing the country’s carbon footprint.

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