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Empower and Embrace Women in your life with Stickers on Hike

Hike— the ultimate sticker messaging app, today announced new animated sticker packs to celebrateInternational Women’s Day.

One day is simply not enough to celebrate Women’s Day. And so, Hike has made it even simpler to celebrate each day of your life by adding new stickers to its massive pool of women focussed stickers. The new stickers display a wide range of expressions like— popular phrases, slangs, equality, women empowerment, excuses, and much more.

Be a girl boss and flaunt your personality and mood with these cool Hike stickers. Available in-app from March 7th, Hike users can download these from the Google Play and App Store.                                                                                         Women’s Day Stickers

                                                                                 Women Empowerment Stickers

                                                                                    Things Women Say Stickers

Stickers as a means of social expression

Stickers are one of the most loved features of Hike. Hike offers a library of over 20K stickers in 40+ languages and covering multiple genres which highlight the colorful, cultural landscape of India, Bollywood, comedy, festivals, cricket, kabaddi, local catchphrases, emotions, and even excuses. Stickers are expressive and a great way to say what you feel. Hike’s most popular stickers reflect love, laughter, and fun followed by festivals and regional references. 

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