January 27, 2021

Emerging VAD distributors in South Market with both Pre and Post sales

As PC CHIMP TECHNOLOGIES our diligent, in-depth analysis to identify the needs and understand current and future requirements which enable us to offer tailored solutions.

Hari Krishnan Nair_pcchimp_Sales HeadNetwork Infrastructure Solutions: To meet the needs of new age networking, we offer Cabling Network Solutions in Fiber & Copper, to reliably power mission-critical, high-bandwidth and emerging applications and help support advanced, new services and improve the profitability of your business. With our innovative line of MOLEX EDIMAX PANASONIC RHITTAL ATEN EN- GENIUS LG range of products empowers our business the means to access information effortlessly and leverage opportunities instantly.

Drawing from a wealth of experience built over Three Generations of Business Acumen we have earned a Pride of Place in the Industry as Dependable, Reliable and Efficient

With the three pillars — product, service and brand, we feel that PC CHIMP would continue to increase its market share in the overall category
Talking about service, we have invested in establishing a 100 plus strong service center network and are continuing to invest in this. To be able to become a Value Add Distributors from India, consumer satisfaction with after sales service is of prime importance to us. We have taken some strategic measures in this regard, the results of which shall be visible in the coming months.

It has given us a chance to ride through the immensely complex learning curve involving different rules and regulations, tricks of the trade, market dynamics etc. PCCHIMP TECHNOLOGIES has a strong hold in the South India region. Currently present in Tamil Nadu state we wish to expand in the Karnataka Telangana Semmandara regions by the end of the year, ensuring a strong base in Southern India.

With various channel initiatives in the pipeline, the focus is primarily on increase the channel base in Southern Markets and we wish to geographically expand. The channel activities will ensure demand generation and more business for the partners as well as ingrain the most important value of ethical business practice. As far as marketing initiatives are concerned, below the line marketing activities are being planned which will increase visibility of the brands and products on channel shelves, Press Coverage Product reviews would ensure greater awareness and assist us in reaching more number of customers.

With competition increasing in this segment, service in addition will play an important role to maintain the brand name of PCCHIMP TECHNOLOGIES

Service has played a key role for PCCHIMP since inception. Having invested in service infrastructure right from day one, regular upgrades in our system have helped us significantly reduce the replacement/service call time to a great extent. PCCHIMP is well known for the service backup in the Southern regions. Investment in Service Infrastructure is of utmost importance and one of the USP of PCCHIMP TECHNOLOGIES.