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EMC India released the India and global findings of the EMC Privacy Index, a global study assessing consumer attitudes of online emc india logoprivacy. Spanning 15 countries and 15,000 consumers, the study explores how consumers worldwide view their online privacy rights and measures willingness to forfeit the benefits and conveniences of the connected world for the assurances of privacy.

Three distinct privacy paradoxes emerged from the global results: 1. We Want it All Paradox: Consumers say they want all conveniences and benefits of digital technology, yet say they are unwilling to trade privacy to get them; 2. Take No Action Paradox: Although privacy risks directly impact many consumers, most say they take virtually no special action to protect their privacy instead placing the onus on those handling their information such as government and businesses; 3. Social Sharing  Paradox: Users of social media sites claim they value privacy, yet they say they freely share large quantities of personal data despite expressing a lack of confidence and trust in those institutions to protect that information

Key India Findings:

We Want It All Paradox: On an average, Indian respondents say they are most willing to trade privacy for the benefits of digital technology: 1. 61% of India consumers on average say they are willing to trade privacy for convenience; 2. Indian women are more unwilling to trade their privacy for convenience. 59% women say they are not willing as compared to only 43% men.

Take No Action Paradox: 64% of Indian respondents have suffered a data breach (email account hacked; mobile device lost or stolen; social media account hacked; and more.),Yet, many say they are not taking measures to protect themselves: 1. 41% don’t change passwords regularly, 2. 28% don’t have password protection on mobile devices; 3. 21% don’t read privacy statements; 4. 21% don’t customize privacy settings on social networks.

Further, 78% Indian respondents listed businesses using, selling or trading personal data for financial gain the top risks to the future of privacy. 64% Indian respondents claimed a high degree of confidence in the government in working to protect their privacy

Social Sharing Paradox:  Use of social media sites continues to explode despite: A vast majority of Indian consumers, 84% say they don’t like anyone knowing anything about them or their habits unless they make a decision themselves to share that information.

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