Elitegroup Ceremoniously Launches ECS H110S-2P Mini-STX Motherboard And The All-New LIVA Pro Mini PC

Professional motherboard manufacturer, Elitegroup, worked together with Intel® to research and develop the ECSnew product, ECS H110S-2P.Its Mini-STX form factor extends high performance and flexibility to something as small as a hand.The New LIVA Pro mini PC is based on the H110S-2P providing our users bestperformance and trim choice.

Mini-STX(147mm × 140mm) was defined by Intel® and ECS as the next generation form factor.It’s smaller than mini-ITX(147mm×140mm) and reduce the layout space of the PCB by 29%.However, ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro still keep various design features and components on such a narrow and small space.You can choose any standard LGA115x CPU cooler to make the platform as cool as possible.It supports 6th LGA1151 Processors without special regulations products, as well.Just choose a suitable chassisto be a builder of a One-Liter computer with our mini-STX motherboard design.

ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro holds the philosophy of “Less is more” to make things easier.Both new products support Intel® LGA1151 TDP 65W CPU, flexibly and match with Intel® H110 chipset.Most important of all, the I/O is composed of SATA 6Gbps , USB 3.0 Type-C , GbE LAN , 802.11AC / BT 4.0 , Intel Dual-channel technology and RS232 Port.Dual display outputs are offered, in order to level up efficiency and productivity.

Health Winston, Director, Intel Desktop chipset &Customer marketing even said that

“The Mini Socket Technology Extended (Mini-STX) platform brings the performance and the configuration flexibility of traditional tower desktops to mini PCs. The LIVA Pro from ECS is a great example of cooperation between Intel and ECS to drive innovative solutions on Desktop.”

ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro are better than ATX/M-ATX PC with lower power consumption and light volume case. Also, ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro are better than Intel NUC SoC PC with various I/O, flexible CPU choice and strong performance.So, perfect satisfaction is guaranteed for your business/education/IPC solution needs when usingthe ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro.