March 1, 2021

element14 offers newest VOW Widebody family of high-isolation optocouplers from Vishay Intertechnology

New series of high-speed devices are capable of 1 MBd and 10 MBd data rates

element14 has expanded its portfolio of optocouplers from Vishay The_element14_company_logoIntertechnology, a world leader in discrete semiconductors; diodes, MOSFETs and selected ICs, and passive electronic components; resistors, inductors, and capacitors. The VOW Widebody high-isolation and high-creepage optocoupler family is designed for high-voltage use such as alternative energy and industrial applications including solar inverters, motor drives, welding equipment, isolated industrial communications, and noise isolation of sensitive circuits.

The new series of 1 MBd and 10 MBd high-speed devices – VOW136-X017T, VOW137-X017T and VOW2611-X017T – feature very high input-to-output noise isolation required by high-power switching applications. In addition to its small form factor and low cost, its external creepage distance is greater than 10 mm. These optocouplers are ideal for applications with working voltages exceeding 1000 V, and are available at

Marc Grange, Head of Product and Asset Management, element14 Asia-Pacific said, “We are delighted to add these products to our comprehensive range of over 35,000 Vishay products readily available in small and larger quantities for our customers who seek the newest solutions for product development and production.”

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