Element14 Launches Freescale BC3770 Battery Charger Evaluation Kit For Portable Consumer Or Industrial Devices

element14 has launched the Freescale BC3770 Battery element14-logo-300x77Charger Evaluation Kit aimed at engineers designing mobile devices that require Li-ion or LiPo battery charging.

The Freescale FRDM-BC3770-EVM is a low cost, fully programmed development tool that shows designers how to implement a dual-path lithium battery charger. Priced at S$76.31 and available for next day delivery, the kit comes with two boards the FRDM-BC3770 board with a pre-programmed FRDM-KL25Z that operates the FRDM-DC3770 battery charger.

Designed to charge Li-ion or LiPo batteries for mobile applications the kit has a complete graphical user interface for setting parameters and monitoring charging performance. It is ideal for users wanting to develop a charger that can not only charge the battery but can also power the device with a drained battery at the same time.

Battery operated consumer or industrial portable devices such as mobile phone chargers, POS or rechargeable medical devices or tablets are just a few of the target applications.

The FRDM-BC3770-EVM is a pre-programmed/ fully programmable switching charger with dual-path output for single-cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries. High efficiency and switch-mode operation of the BC3770 reduces heat dissipation and allows for higher current capability for a given package size. In addition, the BC3770 features single input with a 20V max input and charges the battery with a current up to 2A. The charging parameters and operating modes are fully programmable over an I2C Interface that operates up to 400kHz.

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