Edimax has grown to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced network communication products across the world- Sanjay Joshi, Country Manager, Edimax India and Sub Continent.

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Sanjay Joshi, Country Manager, Edimax India and Sub Continent, sharing his business strategies.

Mr. Sanjay Joshi, Country Manager, Edimax India and Sub Continent

Mr. Sanjay Joshi, Country Manager, Edimax India and Sub Continent

Megha Mary- What are the latest advancements in the network communication product?

Sanjay Joshi- At Edimax, in order to make our product line more competitive in the present scenario, we have added enterprise product portfolio in our Edimax Pro range business solutions.

We are helping Raspberry Pi, partners and customers with Edimax EW-7811Un plug-n-play model which is a nano N150 USB wireless adapter deliver high performance WLAN and best compatibility as well recommended by Raspberry Pi community. With many other products in portfolio as a latest advancement in network communication.

Megha Mary- What changes has the costumer’s demands undergone with the continuous growth in the networking segment of the world?

Sanjay Joshi- The expectations in customers towards networking segments have changed tremendously in the past few years as now almost every other person is using the internet.

“In this digital scenario, customers surely keep an eye on the advancement of wireless solutions which can fit into their environment, especially those solutions which carries fast roaming, high density, which are easy to use & manage and effectively upgrade work performance.”

Looking at all such requirements, customers are increasingly adopting Wi-Fi controllers; access points for huge enterprise or BYOD environ which will surely solve mobility issues.

Megha Mary- What is the channel USP?

Sanjay Joshi- Edimax has been in this industry for over 30 years now and has grown to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced network communication products across the world.Edimax has continuously evolved with better and better technology and dedicatedly designed, developed and manufactured various feature rich networking solutions with more leverage to channel over the period of time.

“Some USPs which keeps Edimax ahead of its competitors are:

  • Products are rich in technology which makes it easier for channel partners to easily sell the products

  •  Improved efficiency/innovative developments

  •  Increased customer satisfaction

  •  Special offers for channel partners

  •  Expanding market globally

  •  A profitable business

  •  Comprehensive product portfolio”

Megha Mary- What are the global expansions of the channel?

Sanjay Joshi- Edimax footprints cover the majority of the globe. Its global presence spans across North America, Asia, and Europe. Edimax is currently serving over 70 countries like United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, France, Germany, Australia, India, etc. via our worldwide distribution channels still; we keep an eye on new potential markets and keep adding.

We especially thank our international distribution centres and offices that we are able to offer timely logistic services and support to customers around the globe. Edimax prioritizes its customers and makes a concerted effort to fulfil all their local and global networking needs.

Megha Mary- What is the channel growth in India?

Sanjay Joshi- Edimax channel growth is very eminent and prodigious as compared to the overall market scenario. We are able to add new channel and vertical market. In the coming time we are planning to target over adding new channel vertical market, retailer & SI’s across India, substantially help increasing the reach and penetration in the untapped regions of India and create huge value for our customers.

Megha Mary- What makes you different from your competitors?

Sanjay Joshi- With almost 30 years of experience in the networking industry, we are able to deliver the best-in-class and ideal business solutions to our global partners and customers.

“We are staunchly working towards the design, development, manufacture and marketing for a broad range of networking solutions to bring the latest networking technologies to the customer at the most affordable price. Our company is built on core values such as quality service, professional R&D, and innovation which lead our company ahead with time.”

Edimax have been ranked top 35 most valuable International Taiwanese brands by Interbrand and able to win year on year most valuable awards i.e. iF Design Award , Red Dot Design Award and Taiwan Excellence Award, Computex D&i Award , ICT Month, Best Choice Award, Hardware Editor choice & many more which shows the level of excellence of Edimax products.

Megha Mary- What are the latest product to be launched by the channel?

Sanjay Joshi- We always believe in developing new products which can meet the markets dynamic demands; so presently we are in a process to announce new product line for different verticals mainly focusing on adding values to the segments we are catering to.

In the upcoming months, our channel is going to launch a series of pronounced products which includes 802.11ac repeater, routers & WLAN Adaptors with “ROAMING FEATURE”, an entirely new range of POE+ switches which will delivery PoE over 200M distance, PoE+ accessories like Giga PoE+ Injector, PoE Extender which can extend POE up to 300m distance. In the enterprise portfolio, we are adding 10G managed switches, first IN-WALL AC1200 access point with high coverage and seamless roaming feature and Outdoor 11AC Access Point solution etc.

Megha Mary- Where does the channel see itself in the near future?

Sanjay Joshi- Maintaining a positive corporate perception and the continuous expansion to our business is always going to be the top priority for us. Thus, keeping the same in mind in the coming time our main focus would be on extending certain range of networking products for our customers across different verticals and increase the brand presence across different parts in the world.

Also, we are planning to expand our traditional and e-commerce channels which would result in remunerative output for our business leading to wide geographical accessibility, convenience, cost effectiveness, profit and also providing a feedback from our customers.


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