Edge solutions can provide faster data analysis as close as possible to the data source – Mr. Sushil Virmani – Managing Director, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Sushil Virmani – Managing Director, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd., reveals his strategies for business in India.

ITVoice Media :-Product Line up for the upcoming year

Mr. Sushil Virmani :- Socomec is driving a stream of innovation to guarantee the performance of the new electrical ecosystem and has developed a disruptive True Modular UPS solution from 2.5 kW to 4.8 MW that makes the latest advances in technology more accessible – and easier to deploy – than ever before.

For high power UPS, we have recently introduced MODULYS XL, a true hot scalable modular UPS based on 200 kW power modules. The power of a single UPS unit can be increased up to 1200 kW fast and easy and the system can include up to 4 units in parallel in online mode without any interruption to the load. The innovative MODULYS XL concept allows for the constant protection of the load in online mode, whether to respond to load growth or to manage all aspects of the system’s lifecycle in a secure way and with impressive rapidity. Associated with a variety of adapted services, the MODULYS XL provides unprecedented availability and flexibility to fulfill the requirements of today’s highly critical applications.

“For medium power UPS, we have our existing Modulys GP 2.0 UPS which has strong installation base in India. The UPS can provide seamless and risk-free power scalability up to 600 kW by adding hot-swap plug-in power modules for incremental steps of 25 kW.Designed with no single point of failure; the MODULYS GP offers all the advantages of the Green Power 2.0 technology.”

For small power UPS, designed with no single point of failure, the MODULYS XS offers high availability and redundant power supply to very critical applications. With its flexible modularity providing seamless and risk-free power scalability up to 20 kW, the MODULYS XS range is the ideal solution for unscheduled site upgrades or incremental power evolutions. The installed power can be increased up to 20 kW by adding hot-swap plug-in power modules for incremental steps of either 2.5 kW or 5 kW. The UPS comes in three variants;

–              MC6 & MC 9: a system that supports mission critical with 6 or 9 power modules

–              RM3 & RM4: 19” rack versions with 3 or 4 power modules

–              TC: specially designed for the telecommunications sector and long back-up time

In addition to this, we have also introduced UPS for edge computing applications. Edge solutions can provide faster data analysis as close as possible to the data source. To adapt to the dynamic needs of the business and enable leaders overcome technology challenges, Socomec has launched Masterys GP4 RK from 10 to 40 kVA, with ultra-high reliability, considerable power density and a front access rack-mounted structural design, to make it a perfect choice for edge computing applications among other existing solutions. The combined capabilities of these new additions are helping us to solidify our position as power management specialists even further.

Mr. Sushil Virmani – Managing Director, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions

On the Power switching category, we have introduced New ATyS controllers A15, C25, C55 and C65 engineered for all types of Transfer Switching technology, compliant with international product standards. They are designed specifically for low voltage power applications to ensure safe transfer of load supply between a normal and an alternate source. Additionally, the C55 and C65 are designed to meet IEC 60364 and IEC 61439 installation standard requirements. These New controllers would be available from June 2020 for India market.

ITVoice Media :- USP of the products and current business opportunity in the Indian market

Mr. Sushil Virmani :- Since there is critical dependence on new-age data center, redundancy and uptime are the two major concerns which need to be addressed on priority, where Socomec guarantees the highest uptime achievable without any loss of data by maximizing the power quality and availability. For such critical loads, our modular solutions offer redundant power in case of any power outage. With Socomec, customers get the ‘Guarantee of an Expert’ Anytime, Anywhere. The initiation of several large-scale investments in many upcoming projects in India promises for a positive growth in the market. Major sectors including the data centre, infrastructure and healthcare market have further increased the demand for uninterruptible power supply to provide high availability and fault tolerance to protect critical servers and IT equipments.

ITVoice Media :-Which all kind of innovation customer can expect from Socomec in the near future?

Mr. Sushil Virmani :- Socomec has a long standing reputation of innovation excellence. We are the first UPS manufacturer to launch a highly efficient and unique transformer-less UPS systems in a smaller foot print. Our innovative Modular UPS systems are designed to address the steeply growing need for power redundancy and scalability. Socomec provides its customers with solutions and services that meet the increasing technological complexity and evolving power requirements.

Our new “Forever Young” concept is based on an “electronics free cabinet” design. This eliminates end-of-life criticality and module compatibility for 20 years. Socomec’s key focus is to bring innovation at each phase by understanding the latest trends and customer expectation through relentless analysis round the clock. With the day-to -day technology advancement, our global research and design team work together and remain updated to develop a perfect solution to match our customer requirements. We are deeply committed towards innovation, and dedicate nearly 10% of our turnover towards research and development, as we realize that innovation will be our key source of competitive differentiation in the future. We have 3 test platforms with the latest high-performance equipment, spread across 3500 sq. m surface area, with over 50 test specialists providing reliability and conformity of products and systems. A vast range of tests are performed in complete independence and we also provide customized test services for our customers and partners.  Our testing facility works on numerous certifications that meet both national and international standards.

In recognition of our commitment to innovation, Frost & Sullivan, an industry leading market research firm has applauded Socomec for three consecutive years as the company having Best in Class Products and Solutions in Y2014, Product Differentiation Excellence in Y2013 and New Product Innovation Award in Y2012. The success of our business relies primarily on a combination of our customer centric operations, service excellence, product leadership, and 24 / 7 committed service specialists’ availability.

ITVoice Media :-Brief about Socomec operations in India.

Mr. Sushil Virmani :- Socomec India started operations in 1990 in partnership with a local distributor. Our independent operations in India started in 2006 and have been going from strength to strength ever since. Head quartered at Chennai, we have our branch offices spread across 12 locations in the country. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is situated in Gurugram, Haryana and involved in the production of Load break switches, Manual transfer switches (63 to 3200 A) & Uninterruptible Power supplies (25 to 600 kVA). Designed with a flexible manufacturing structure, the factory is equipped with advance manufacturing technology and has embraced lean manufacturing principles by implementing a system of continuous improvements. We pride ourselves on achieving high levels of customer satisfaction, with more than 10,000 happy customers and over 20,000 installations across India in a short span of time ensuring product quality, performance and customer relationship. Being a specialist manufacturer with complete control over our technological processes, SOCOMEC is way ahead of the more general providers and better positioned by constantly anticipating market changes and developing cutting-edge technologies and ensuring complete compliance with international standards. 

ITVoice Media :-Which are your Target Markets?

Mr. Sushil Virmani :- Socomec solutions have gained an indisputable reputation and commitment is to provide expert solutions for making the energy with high availability, efficiency, safety and protection of low-voltage electrical networks. The offer integrates different Business Applications such as Power conversion, Power Switching & Monitoring, and Expert Services across multiple segments including Data Center, Healthcare, Industry, Building, Infrastructure and Renewable Energies.

We can see aggressive expansion plans and interest shown by key players towards setting up of data centres across India. Further to support this, the initiative taken for unveiling of a new policy by the government has generated a huge demand for local data centers. Thus our prime focus in near future is to continue extending the reach of our sales and services to new geographies and new customer segments thereby expanding our foot prints in data centre market. Our solutions are already successfully running in some of the world’s most renowned data centers.

ITVoice Media :- Focused on high-value products yet competitive & affordable pricing

Mr. Sushil Virmani :- We leverage our market expertise and technical know-how by “optimizing the performance of power solutions throughout its life cycle” to provide solutions for all the technology needs of the customer. Socomec invests heavily in pioneering research and product design in order to deliver world-class innovations to solve your greatest challenges in terms of energy availability, efficiency, capacity, flexibility and sustainability.

As digital transformation spreads on, continuity and quality of power becomes essential for any kind of business now a days. Small interruptions or poor quality power supply can lead to a huge financial loss for any corporate. Not only will customers have to pay more attention while choosing the right UPS, they will also have to put more thought in choosing the right manufacturer. When we are struggling with pain, we always prefer to consult with a specialist, then why compromise while selecting the critical power equipment. Socomec, as power conversion specialists, we aim to create and communicate around our new global segment to provide high quality solutions for every customer need.

The new Power conversion segmentation is divided in to 3 levels:

  1. PRIME – Trustworthy Power

At this level, you can find our products being able to provide reliable and cost-effective protection in order to assure operational continuity for the customer’s equipment.

  1. SUPERIOR – Unrivalled power performance

Here we promise to ensure unrivalled power performance. For critical applications, we want to propose to our customers for “best-in-class” solutions with certified performance and to optimize their usage for a profitable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  1. ULTIMATE – Fault tolerant power without compromise

For this level, our solution protects very critical applications. Simply protecting is not enough; the equipment has to anticipate an event to predict a fault in order to ensure maximum availability and safety. It means real modular solutions, fully redundant architecture, minimum MTTR, and risk-free maintenance. Our ‘Ultimate’ solutions meet these expectations. In addition, our solutions are IoT ready.

Our global portfolio of power conversion solution is unique in the market. When the customers approach us for their power conversion needs, it will fall in either of these new product segmentations. It is necessary we realign ourselves and speak in our customer language as it is much convenient for them. We give them confidence that with Socomec, they are rest assured to find an appropriate solution for their needs.