ECS Launches New Gank Intel 8-Series, L337 Gaming Motherboard

image0014 June 2013, Taipei, Taiwan – The ECS L337 (Leet) GANK Domination and Machine Series brings together numerous features and advantages demanded by hardcore PC gamers. It uses the new Intel Z87 Express Chipset, enabling support for some of the fastest processors available, including Intel’s new 4th generation Intel Core processors CPU i7, i5, i3, GANK Domination and Machine Series also ships with L337 Qooltech V active thermal heat-pipe fansink design with thermal chromatic technology, M.I.B X hardware overclocking, high definition Creative Labs SoundCore 3D audio capacitor with DSP, Killer E2201 dual Gigabit LAN optimization for gaming, and a high quality, extreme tested all gold components platform and design that is unmatched in the industry.

Gaming Focus

As a member of the L337 family of products, the GANK Domination and Machine Series benefits from a legacy of ECS’s gamer-friendly design. From start to finish, this motherboard aims to enable better, more enjoyable gaming on PC.

SoundCore 3D audio comes available on AX version of the series provide the highest quality sound through an all-in-one audio capacitor with crystal clear digital audio processing and integrated DSP for exceptional sound performance. Other features varying with models include support for EAX 5.0 surround and SBX Pro Studio music rendering and SoundBlaster Cinema. Together this technology provides a truly immersive experiences with livelier, more believable environments within which gamers can truly feel like part of the gameplay.

To provide uninterrupted and flawless gaming, GANK Domination and Machine Series comes with industry benchmark Bigfoot Networks Killer E2201 dual Gigabit LAN design for maximum bandwidth optimization, allowing users to prioritize resources and continue downloading even while they are gaming — with no performance hit. Killer E2201 is the most premium product of Killer E2200 series, eliminating lag and latency, critical in gaming.

Achieve Better Overclocking From Premium Hardware with an Optimized Design

GANK Domination and Machine Series includes the trademark L337 Qooltech V thermal technology and design. The first of its kind with an active fan-sink that tunnels airflow over copper heat pipes with a direct copper to chipset u-shaped design for extreme heat dissipation. This is perfect for competitive tuners in search of the best cooling and competitive performance.

Featuring the upgraded 12-Phase Extreme Power Module design which features Dual Cooling MOSFET, Ice Chokes, and all Gold capacitors combined with L337 EZ BIOS UEFI and M.I.B. X Motherboard Intelligence functions, such as the new pre-configured overclocking profiles, yield a fantastic overclocking experience for enthusiasts. Its 15μ capacitors offer a 6x longer lifespan with 20K hours at 65 ℃, and 40% better low temperature endurance – specifically selected for extreme cooling scenarios. GANK motherboards also feature 15μ gold contacts on CPU socket, memory dimms, and PCIe slots for extreme stability and conductivity. The GANK Domination and Machine Series is true to the L337 core, as a motherboard built for overclocking.

Stable Power Creates Better Experiences

Gaming PCs require flexible and reliable power management in order to maintain performance, especially if pushed to their limits through overclocking. GANK Domination and Machine Series uses the most stable and reliable technologies available in its power management system, including digital VRMs and all-solid state capacitors, affording the flexibility and versatility needed to handle tasks such as high-definition gaming and extreme overclocking.

The materials used throughout GANK Domination and Machine Series are tailored for the true hardcore gamer looking for a high performance rig and high performance stability, withstanding heat with great efficiency. This endurance adds to the value offered by this new motherboard, as it is intended for prolonged extended use and overall motherboard longevity.

L337’s Commitment to the Gaming Community and Culture

As part of L337’s commitment to gaming, L337 is proud to announce the sponsorship of champion gaming organization Complexity Gaming. It is L337’s hope that with this partnership, L337 can help to bring more awareness to the professional gaming community and assist in the continuing growth of the gaming industry. L337 will also support Team Complexity with high quality professional gaming hardware to ensure their victory in 2013 in all major gaming genres.