ECS Durathon: Shattering Durability Standards in PC Industry

The strictest testing and the toughest componentscombined, to deliver motherboards quality that you can ever trustDurathon-Poster(EN)

Durathonfrom Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) exclusively delivers a hassle free computing experience by solving common PC hardware problems before they can even occur. A speciallydevised testing regime– far stricter than common industry standards and combined with the highest quality components,ensures that ECS Durathon motherboards can be relied on stability and reliability far into the future.Durathon derives from Durable and Marathon, which means each board runs through the strenuous testing cycleand guaranteedthe ability of working flawlessly even under the most extreme environmental conditions. 

For PC owners suffering crashes, instability and poor performance, ECS Durathon motherboards go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that your motherboard can now deliver the stability, reliability and performance that we promise.ECS Durathon comprises four interlocking tests and enhancements together to protect PCs and defeat many of the most common causes of hardware problems and system instability.

Ultimate Hardware Protection

ECS Durathonmotherboards must have the highest level Bi-Directional Splitting Glass Fabric, which is 3 times more effective humidity protection than general glass fabric.ECS Bi-Directional Splitting Glass Fabric narrows the vacant space between the glass fabric of the PCB which can lower air permeability for dampness proofing and reduces short circuit or burn out malfunction.It improves the thermal stress of the PCB and makes the motherboard more reliable against heat. ECS Bi-Directional Splitting Glass Fabric is the highest level splitting glass fabric with highest quality copper foil and resin.

ECS Durathon motherboards use only the highest grade ECS Superior Solid Capacitors as opposed to ensure that the performance will last longer than other motherboards and are designed to perform great in the most extreme environmental conditions.Typical electrolytic capacitors last only 32,000 Hours (3.6 Years) but ECS Superior Solid Capacitors are designed to last up to 200,000 Hours (22 Years) with a six times longer lifespan at above normal operating temperatures of 65˚C.ECS Superior Solid Capacitorsare designed to operate consistently at temperatures of up to 100˚C meaning you get stable performance over time, even at high temperatures.

The Toughest Stability Testing

ECS motherboardswith Durathonoffer the Extreme Temperature Resistance range 10˚C higher and lower than the competitors’ motherboards.ECS Durathonmotherboards have been tested for extreme operating conditions in the wide range temperature standard, which improves the lifespan of the entire motherboard including components and PCB and also reduces stress on the motherboard due to drastic temperature fluctuations in cold environments. The Extreme Temp Resistance checks every board’s ability to keep working flawlessly – even when handling supremely demanding computing tasks under the most extreme environmental conditions,which is far above the industry standards for motherboards and gives you unmatched durability and stability.

In addition, every ECS Durathonmotherboard must undergo the 1.5K Marathon Test: a comprehensive product testing. ECS Durathon motherboards are put through a thorough and comprehensive 1507 test points that checks every aspect of the motherboard in order to ensure high quality and stability. The test items go through a rigorous reliability test that includes not onlydifferent functional tests but also the minute details of the motherboards components. ECS Durathon motherboards completedthestrictest reliability test that ensures the motherboards are ready to take whatever you throw at it.

When it comes to the quality and durability of your motherboard, ECS builds a new industry standard to ensure that you have a motherboard that will last long and always continue to out perform the competition. Trust only motherboards built with Durathon Technology.

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