image002The open and distance education (ODE) system was introduced to fulfill the aspirations of the young generation almost two decades ago representing 65% of Indian population currently. IGNOU, the largest university in the world with 4,000,000 students, was founded to impart education by means of distance and open education, provide higher education opportunities particularly to the disadvantaged segments of society, encourage, coordinate and set standards for distance and open education in India and strengthen the human resources of India through education. India at present has the world’s second largest education system with its largest student community attracting the best e-learning services companies to invest in, launch and further expand businesses in India.

Sushil Karampuri - CEO and Founder, eAbyas Info Solutions
Sushil Karampuri – CEO and Founder, eAbyas Info Solutions


Team - e-Abyas Info SolutionsFurther to this development, we are currently trying to make a giant leap with the advent of E-learning solutions based on best technology platforms to benefit the students, educators and working professionals in a big way. Best e-learning platforms has adopted best technology platforms to provide double benefits to the every day increasing tech-savvy community in India. E-Learning became one of the most enriching, high-quality multimedia-enriched personalised and interactive platform that enables the students to learn in the most pragmatic and persuasive techniques. E-Learning started developing with the entry of experienced tech community, academicians giving birth to new age entrepreneurs launching their start-ups in India. This development took place with an aim to build an E-learning eco-system in India to create more opportunities for E-learning market in India. As we know, E-learning is considered extremely flexible and convenient, in regards to its operations from anywhere at any time i.e., real time.

















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