January 23, 2021

Dragonfly Data Factory Announces 5 Technology Predictions For 2015

drangon1Dragonfly Data Factory has announced 5 technology predictions for 2015 from founder and CEO Ram Pothula:

  • Sensors: Smarter and Everywhere

In 2014 the number of interconnected sensors in existence exceeded the number of human beings. 2015 will mark an inflection point in which interconnected sensors attached to either personal wearables or “smart” industrial equipment will generate exponential amounts of data, causing major challenges for companies looking to harness multi-sourced information for business decisions.

  • Wearables Enter the Enterprise

The popularity of handheld and wearable devices rose in 2014 due to the miniaturization of technology. In 2015, wearables will move away from their current narrow focus on consumer health and fitness applications into enterprise-friendly devices, representing a significant shift. Using wearables, leading companies will offer their customers and employees a new level of experience, fostering greater customer loyalty and improved business productivity towards monetization

  • Digital World Conspicuously Drives our Physical World      New data-driven applications will enter our daily lives that illustrate the linkage between the digital world and the physical world. Data will increasingly be linked to supporting systems and automated workflows that in turn direct physical activity. We will grow more accustomed to this linkage and it will increasingly become our natural expectation, rather than something nice to have.
  •   Data is an Asset                                                                                     Big Data analytics will become the baseline blueprint for innovative business models, especially for Fortune 500 companies. Organizations will be able to capture both employee and influencer data to help make key enterprise decisions. However, success in this will only be achieved if companies are able to coordinate cohesion between different functions and leverage Big Data for success.

To address this and use Big Data as a competitive advantage, enterprises will need to ensure they have the best data management possible and bridge the gap between disparate information systems.

  • Data Understood as a Basic Need

Data will become recognized as a basic enterprise need in 2015. Access to data already determines how well individuals and organizations can perform, and the Internet has made it even easier to generate, distribute and exchange data and knowledge. 2014 saw open access and net neutrality questioned. 2015 will be marked by a boost in activism to maintain net neutrality and the support of access to public data. Demand for personalized experiences, driven by data, will become a basic expectation.