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Why use air coolers in this killing pollution?rang

The recent survey of India by WHO mainly focused on the increasing death rate due to pollution. It ranks 2nd main cause of death among the age group of 24 to 69 leaving Tuberculosis, Malignant and other tumors, cancer, AIDS, etc behind. Ever since the growing population, the builders have started cutting down forest and making big buildings with amenities to fulfill the growing demand of people.

Ever growing pollution

Also due to the growing purchasing power of people, they are affording to buy more cars. This cuts down the use of public transport and increases the number of vehicles in the city which only proves to give out polluted air. Due to lesser forest land and more of pollution, the death rate is growing due to respiratory diseases at a high rate. People who have not lived in such circumstances before are showing terrible response to such air. The only solution the doctor recommends them is to start living hill stations and avoid getting near the cities.

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Air cooler proving to be a blessing to get rid of the pollution

How can one stop everything and relocate at a place never lived before just for the sake of pollution free air? Though we cannot completely reduce the pollution, but there is a solution to this problem. It is by investing little on the air coolers available in the market which purifies the surrounding air and you can live in a zone which shall prove to be beneficial to your health. Health being compared directly to wealth, how we can neglect it? Hence starting to use air coolers from the very beginning and making them a part of daily life only gives you beneficial results.

“As a customer, I am very happy with the service & Features of Airtek. I found lots of benefits in air coolers. For good cooling performance, they provided Honeycomb cooling pads in my air cooler & Special feature Carbon Dust . I found efficient Air throw in this air cooler.”

The best part about air coolers is that it is affordable by everyone and can also be rented if required. Instead of paying the bills of the doctor in the later stage of life, it is recommended to buy an air cooler. Surprisingly, the air cooler only uses 1/5th of the power consumption(602pm-165 WATTS) than what an Air Conditioner; it again proves to be nature friendly. Also an air cooler doesn’t come with special installation  requirement in the rooms and can humidify air in really dry areas which is not possible by using air conditioner. Air coolers also operate without stabilizers. So pollution is serious problem in our country and to be safe from the same by not polluting the air and also taking care of oneself, air coolers are recommended to be purchased for every house.

Over all, I recommend Airtek air coolers. They provide great features in air coolers.

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