Disney launches its first ever mobile-only drawing game, Scribble Mix

artImg198x166_14972Scribble Mix is Disney’s first ever mobile-only drawing game and a competitor to Draw Something.

Disney has officially announced the launch of its first ever mobile-only game title called ScribbleMix. The game involves two players who play against each other in a Pictionary-style contest. One of the players is supposed to draw the clue while the opponent must guess based on a bunch of words generated.

The game will be launched on both iOS and Android devices. We can also expect a Windows 8 version in the near future.

Each level begins with the drawer given a phrase.The drawer eventually has to scribble the phrase and submit it to his opponent. The game includes a set of nouns, verbs and adjectives. The words will be assembled based on drawer’s choice. The game provides three game packs to choose from, with additional premium packs based on big named movies and popular TV shows.

Disney has said that the target groups are those 18 years and over, but also mentions that the game is suitable for younger audience as well.

The free version of the game is downloadable from the Apple App store and Google Play. They can also go for the ad free version of the game for $0.99.